What are the requirements for sports management?

If you are someone who has grown with a love for the sport, a BBA in sports management will be an ideal course for you.

India is a country that has a growing sports industry. Our sports industry is already worth $ 91 billion. Cricket is a religion in India and the BCCI is one of the richest boards for any sport in the world. The sport of Kabaddi is also growing its viewership recently and the recent telecast of the game has been able to draw great viewership.

For Bengalis, football is another religion to follow. A Bengali family always has a must supporter of either the East Bengal or the Mohun Bagan club of football.

As much as we have produced Olympians like Abhinav Bindra in the recent past, we now have legends in the Paralympics too like Dipa Malik.

All in all, the sports industry is unstoppable now in India especially with a very young population who are passionate about sports.

As the industry in the coming times will expand more, it will require skilled professionals. To remove the skill gap, the sports management courses in West Bengal are particularly beneficial especially the ones that are designed in collaboration with sports management organizations.

To get into the field of sports management, the following must be noted –

  1. Are you passionate about sports? If you are someone who loves sports in general or have a passion for a particular sport, this career will be an ideal choice for you. You need not be an athlete yourself, but the adrenaline rush and the thrill of sports should be there within you to make it to the sports management field.
  2. Are you a good organizer? A sport might be played by a solo player or a team. However, to make a game into an event, not just a team or a player is required, an entire group of thousands of people actually make it happen behind the scenes. It requires huge organization both pre and post the game. Your organization skills, communication skills, knowledge about the event, team-playing abilities and more will be required.
  3. Do you have the necessary experience? Industries usually are seeking skilled professionals these days rather than spending extra pennies to train after hiring freshers. This is the reason industry collaborations are becoming more important for professional courses at the college level. If you enroll into a course of BBA in sports management that not only gives you an academic degree but also real industry exposure, it will give the necessary entry ticket into the industry easily.

Hence, if you have a passion for sports and want to get into the sports industry, an academic background with the necessary exposure to the industry is a must. This exposure at the college level will also help you in gaining experience through internships and networking. Some of the sports management courses in West Bengal offer their best in that regard. Find out the one that suits you the best!

All the luck for a sporty future!

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