Skills Needed to Become a Good Journalist

The job of a journalist is quite respected and revered in a democratic nation. The power of media is well known to all. But in today’s cut-throat competitive world, not every person is able to become an able journalist. Journalism courses in Kolkata have become quite advanced now. They are providing real and practical exposure to the students and they are now able to grasp the technicalities of the industry much sooner than before.

The journalism courses or media science courses under MAKAUT are devised in a way that students are able to sharpen their skills to the maximum capacity and they are absolutely ready for the job of a journalist by the end of their academic year.

Here are ten skills that are extremely needed to become a good journalist. If you want to sharpen or possess these skills, then choose one of the best journalism courses and enroll yourself in it.

Language – A journalist must have a good hold in the language he or she reports in. The stock of words is a great asset of a journalist.

Verbal Skills – If you are a broadcast journalist, your verbal communication skills are of utmost importance. How you speak in front of the camera and how well you disseminate information to the viewers is important.

Writing Skills – If you work in the digital media sector or newspapers, your writing skills need to be precise, sharp and to the point. A journalist is always expected to be articulate.

Research Skills – Investigation or research is a necessary trait required in a journalist. Keen interest to know the unknown and find out the logical reason behind events should be an inherent quality of a journalist.

Analytical Skills – The next step for any research work is to logically analyze the data or information gathered. Based on facts, evidence and logical reasoning, a journalist should be able to reach a convincing conclusion.

Technical Skills –These days, having technical skills is essential for a journalist. You must know how to operate a computer, use the search engines, WordPress, smartphones, apps and other software to ensure a smooth work process from your side.

Determination – You need to be a determined person in order to be a journalist. Determination to find the truth, reveal the reality and holding up to your perseverance are essentially required for a journalist.

Working under Pressure – The pressure of deadlines is always there in this field. Add political pressure (if you are covering political bytes), peer pressure and other job-related issues to it. You must learn to work under constant pressure.

Ethics – If you aren’t ethical, journalism isn’t for you. Journalism is regarded as the fourth pillar of democracy. Hence, ethics and principles are a must for journalists.

Knowledge of Video Production – For broadcast journalists, the knowledge of shooting, editing, what looks good on camera, how to present news in front of the camera are key skills that a journalist must possess these days.

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