What Jobs Can You Get With a Film Degree?

Film studies as an academic discipline emerged in the 20th century. One should not be confused with the technical aspects of film production, Film studies exists only with the creation of film theory—which approaches film critically as an art. Because the modern film was an invention in the industry only in the late 19 century, a generation of film producers and directors existed before the academic analysis that is followed in today’s generation.

Early film schools focused on the production and subjective critique of film history and theory only, But nowadays Film studies exist worldwide as a discipline with specific schools and universities/colleges. The aspects of film studies have grown numerous methods for teaching history, culture and society. Many programs have conjoined film studies with media and television studies, taking knowledge from all parts of visual production in the approach.

With the growing technologies such as 3-D film and YouTube, films teach a reflection of culture and art around the world as a primary medium. Due to the ever-growing dynamic of film studies, a wide variety of curricula have emerged for analysis of critical approaches are now used in films.

The objective for Film studies are-

  • it focuses to make Film studies  interesting by making the students study similarities and differences between various film movements
  • It helps to become critical viewers of films today both from a personal and a social point of view..
  • it also helps to grasp and differentiate between the nature of ideology and social imaginary occurring in Indian Films and foreign films.
  • As films can’t be studied apart from the technology used to produce them, the students are required to do practical hands-on exercises
  • The aspirant will study Film through watching an open-ended list of movies in order to incorporate significant developments occurring in the world cinema today. This helps us to reach out to the new generation of students

With a Film Degree, a student can get jobs in various fields like –

  • Film Director
  • Broadcast Presenter
  • Location Manager
  • Camera Operator
  • Program Researcher
  • Art Director
  • Video Editor
  • Program Researcher

You can join in a film course from any branch. The course will not only teach you about different ways and forms of expression but also will make you understand the film language. It would make you understand perceptions and also world views.

Hence, if you really want to gain knowledge, explore cinema and understand world views and present the same in front of a global audience, a film degree is an excellent idea to start with.

Author Bio: SHAGUFTA PARWEEN, Student of iLEAD, pursuing M.SCin Media Science. Looking forward to greater opportunities in life in the field of MEDIA, passionate about writing, advising, motivating, encouraging people. Love towards the camera, making short movies and clicking pictures.

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