Current Scenario of Graphic Designing Industry in India

The graphic designing industry in India is witnessing a boom because it is an indispensable part of the media industry. It helps in creating a brand identity of a company. The various logos of  Puma, Nike, Adidas, L’Oreal, Tressme, VLCC, MAC, publishing houses like Harper Collins, Penguin India, Rupa Publications, are proofs of how the graphic design industry is growing in India. Graphic design courses are on huge demand in the nation. Films and web series will be incomplete without graphic design as it is one of the pillars of the visual narrative industry. The posters of films and web series are influential in attracting the audience towards a particular series or film. So if anyone has not watched Frances Ha or Breaking Bad, the visual narrative in the form of the poster will never fail to catch the target audience’s attention and be a key driving reason for getting them to watch the movie or the series. A poster’s narrative has an appeal of its own to get the audience interested in the work.

The target group for pursuing multimedia & animation

If you are inspired by the following:

  • Films of Hayazo Miyazaki, and Studio Ghibli,
  • Works such as Belladonna of Sadness, When the Wind Blows, Waltz with Bashir.
  • If you love anime, comics, visual language and digital art, poster making, creating logos, certificate making, then it is time to put your efforts in learning multimedia and animation.
  • Digital art is also booming as a specialized career field.

Graphic designing course at iLEAD

  • A video was posted on the Facebook page of iLEAD on April 9, 2020. Mr. Pradip Chopra, the Chairman of iLEAD had stated in the video that graphic designing courses in Kolkata are very relevant and he stated this from the behavioral perspective as far as demographics is concerned as the people of West Bengal are very creative.  Therefore,  signing up for graphic designing courses is a field where they can brainstorm and bring the best of the creative ideas to the table and transform that into a reality.
  • HiTech is one such graphic designing company and they are hiring a lot of people. iLEAD has tie ups with HiTech Animation. It guarantees career exposure at an international level.
  • HiTech Animation trains individuals in VFX, animes, graphic designing and designing templates for websites. A few of HiTech’s noteworthy clients comprise of Zee Bangla, ABP Ananda, Zee News.

The course structure of BSC in Multimedia Animation & Graphics offered by iLEAD focuses in detail on various methodologies

  • BSC in Multimedia Animation and Graphic Design.

Duration: 3 years.

  • Students pursuing graphic design courses will learn the following:
  1. 2D & 3D technologies
  2. The art of making animation films and specifically characterization, graphics
  3. Classes on how to design websites
  4. Designing
  5. Visual communication approaches and tools
  6. Digital art and photography
  7. Animation
  8. Creating brand image by designing logos of companies and their respective brands, advertising
  9. Students of multimedia learn the various papers for six semesters
  • com, produced by iLEAD will exhibit the works of its multimedia students and give them mileage in the beginning of their career as multimedia professionals.
  • Entrepreneurial ambitions will be supported by iLEAD for collating funds and establishing a start up immediately after the completion of the course.

iLEAD offers an undergraduate bsc degree in gaming as well

  • The curriculum focuses on
  1. mobile application,
  2. Artificial Intelligence
  3. Robotics
  • Professionals working in gaming companies from across the globe mentor the students of iLEAD.
  • Besides, iLEAD has also partnered with Virtualinfocom that guarantees a great career experience to iLEAD students.

How promising are graphic designing courses at Kolkata?

  • Graphic design courses in Kolkata will create professionals to pursue their specialization in web designing, animation, VFX, gaming and game designing.
  • Needless to say, Kolkata as Mr. Pradip Chopra had stated has a cultural milieu that banks on creativity, culture and erudite learning.
  • However, the radical shift from neo-colonial and outdated careers to the booming geek culture and various other subcultures and the traction that geek culture has gained in Kolkata is the most important reason to study graphic design courses in Kolkata.

Gaming events in Kolkata

  • Statistics reveal that last year, 2019, RGBeing had announced from their official twitter handle to the gamers based at Kolkataabout #pubglite that partnered with #GamerConnectKolkata. TEGamingCup India is another online sports initiative that gave opportunities to Kolkata gamers around last year to participate in #UpYourGame, for the Taiwan Excellence GAMING CUP. The venue for the event was Fusion Max, Jadavpur.
  • In 2016, ASUS had launched a Gamers’ space in the city which was known to be ‘India’s first exclusive ‘Republic of Gamers’ store in Kolkata’.
  • Tracxn had published an article on April 2020, talking about the most amazing gaming startups in Kolkata such as. Gaussian Networks, PokerHigh, Adda52, RJ Softwares, Mixow to cite a few.
  • This throws light on the fact that multimedia as a bankable career will only expand and gain weightage as technology and AI gets updated.
  • Presidency University, Kolkata offers a paper on game studies which is more theoretical instead of gaming in praxis. Students study this paper by applying their critical thinking skills.
  • Nasscom had reported that the market of video games in the country was predicted to gain mileage with 628 million video game users and its net worth of $1.1 billion within 2020. Techno India has partnered with Intuit Lab, a French academic organization for offering courses on gaming and design.
  • Digital painting is used by several indie brands to amp their aesthetic look and reach target followers through social media marketing.

Thus, there is not much of a lack of institutes as far as multimedia and graphic design courses are concerned. The one lacuna that needs to be filled is becoming more aware of the gaming industry and trying one’s hands at this career field, which is not a niche career field, rather a mainstream one even though it has diversified fields of work. As much as we believe in Marvel, DC and Disney, Studio Ghibli, it is all the more important to have faith in and invest in local anime creators in India and more importantly in Kolkata so that multimedia courses can become the most demanding career in the city. An article on Taylor & Francis Online has been published on “The Transformative, meditational and synergist roles of digital media’ that is an indication of going ahead with multimedia.

Author Bio: Swastisha Mukherjee is a student of media studies. She aspires to be a writer and filmmaker. She has published her work in two books and has experience in theater and ad film.  Her other interests also include reading, especially graphic narratives, watching anime movies.

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