Why your business needs big data analytics training

In this technologically evolving world, with digitalization flourishing all over the market we can say that Big Digital Analytics is the soul of every business. With digitalization growing exponentially with time every business is springing on to the data gold rush.

Big data Analytics in Kolkata, is evolving now and will bring to you great job opportunities. There are a few Data Analytics institutes in Kolkata which are exceptionally good. iLead, under MAKAUT University in association with Einfach Business Analytics Pvt. Ltd., offers a 3-year bachelor’s degree program in Data Analytics.

In present-time considering the amount of data generated every minute which counts to a twofold increase every two years, Big Data Analytics training is a must for almost every line of work. Data science is the hypernym for all kinds of techniques which consists of purification, alignment and preparation of data. Basically, it is an amalgamation of mathematics, programming, algorithm, stats which helps in looking for a resourceful insight and to analyze and create the data a business needs. Big Data is a part of Data Science. It is extremely functional for taking big decisions in a business venture.

Data is not only generated by schools, hospitals, retail businesses, etc., it is also generated by various social media applications like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram. Big data can precisely be described by the ”3 V’s- Volume, Velocity and Variety”. Companies and industries all over the world generate a humongous amount of data and information which is intrinsically impossible to process with the traditional methods of data analysis and applications.

An article by Forbes stated that by 2020, near about 1.7 megabytes of new information will be generated every second for each and every human on this planet. That makes the need for data analytics exceedingly consequential. Every business, large or small should resort to Data Analytics if they are to make a difference. Hadoop, Microsoft Power BI, ThoughtSpot, Qlik, Talend, are among few of the well-known Big data tools.

By processing the big data, businesses can make use of outside intelligence when they have to take decisions. With the accessibility to data generated by search engines and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, organizations are enabled to calibrate and tune up their business strategy.

As we know the traditional way of taking customer feedback by paper-based surveys, face-to-face interview or telephonic surveys are taking a back seat. It is being replaced by the new way of recording feedback, the big data analysis is extremely useful for a refined and better customer service. The consumer feedback is read and evaluated and according to the response decisions are made by the companies to give their consumers a finer experience.

It is useful in making a staging area or landing zone where the new data accumulate and wherein it can be identified whether the data can be moved to the database or not. The data warehouse helps to unload the unnecessary or not so useful data. Big Data Analysis enhances effective functioning, operability, customer retention and also the forthcoming risks to the product/service can be identified earlier.

A lot of mainstream businesses and companies lean on big data analytics like Amazon, Netflix, Starbucks, American Express, Miniclip, Next Big Sound etc. Big data analytics makes the job way easier for them and gives them a better insight into the current market scenario. An investment of $200 million was made by The White House in big data projects. Big data Analytics training does not only helps in building employee skills but also helps in running and handling a business smoothly to a professional level.

There might not be many Big data training centers in Kolkata, but there are definitely a lot of companies and agencies like Sibia Analytics, Nihilent, Fusion Analytics, Third Eye Data, InsAnalytics and many more.

Big Data Analytics Training is very essential for every business because looking at the current scenario there’s no way that the need for data analytics is going to diminish, and it has very promising career which offers myriads of job opportunities in various sectors.

Author Bio: Yati Gupta is a post-graduate media science student studying at iLEAD Kolkata. She has keen interest in aesthetics, art, painting and also writes on contemporary technology.

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