Five Simple Steps to Become a Game Designer

Game design is an art for creating designs and aesthetics for entertainment, experiment, and educational purposes. In academics game designing may be a part of game studies, they need historically been inspired within the fields of Probability, AI, Economics, and optimization theory too. It is also a study of strategic decision making . Games can also be characterized by ‘what the player experiences’ and ‘what the player does’, this is termed as gameplay.

So who is a game designer then! A game designer is a person who discovers the games real concept, its rules with mechanism etc, sometimes they too need to invent a suitable title and theme for the game. Often game artist creates art for more than one type of game like for video games,the artist are themselves responsible for all aspects of the game development

The game designing course teaches the aspirant to imagine and create, bring life to video game worlds. Here are some tips to become one of the best game designers;-

* The aspirant should have a love for games if the student does not like things about games it would be very difficult to achieve a higher position in this challenging field.

* Your knowledge about the entire industry of gaming should be up to the mark .it will help you to make something new and not the same identical pattern. Game designers need basic knowledge about algorithms, data structure, coding too. So you may need not to become an expert but having knowledge about the important fundamentals of the game would make your work easy and classy.

* The aspirant must know how to manage time and to finish their work before the deadline for any future confusion.

* One should be good at strategizing, planning and creativity as the player might think that the game is boring and end playing, so to fulfill the needs of the players the designer must come up with the addition of a new substance in games like more of obstacles built in the game to confuse and increase the excitement level of the gamers. Talking about creating the mindset of the designer builds top quality challenges which include solving puzzles virtual realities etc, so the game designer must have an active imagination also.

* In any field there is a basic requirement of communication skills one should develop good communication skills as in the working field having good communication helps to develop the ability to create a good image and also to reach a mass audience.

Below are India’s best college for the game designing course;-

1. ICAT design & media college, Chennai
2. MIT ADT university, Maharashtra
3. SGT university, Haryana
4. ERA university ,Lucknow
5. National Institute of design, Gandhinagar
6. iLEAD, Kolkata

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