What are SFX, VFX, Animation AND CGI?

SFX is a special effects often abbreviated as SFX , SPEX or just FX are visuals or illusions used in the film , television , theatre , video games and industries to stimulate the imagined events in a story or virtual platforms.

VFX is a visual effect often abbreviated as FX OR VFX is a term used to describe any image created or altered for a film or other media. Visual effects can be added to live- action, captured through techniques such as matte painting, computer graphics etc.

ANIMATION is a method where pictures are often manipulated to look like moving images. It is more pervasive than many actually thinks it to be. In today’s generation animation are made with CGI computer – generated imagery it becomes very detailed 3D animation, whereas 2D computer animation can also be used for stylistics reasons, low bandwidth or faster real timer renderings.

CGI computer –generated imagery is an application of special effects to make medium, video games, films, television, commercials, etc. The usage of CGI has increased the artists and small companies to produce games, fine art from home itself.

VFX course helps students to build up a career for creating films, designs, coding, digital art, technology etc. This course is a very challenging and technical course. The process of creating the visual effects will require teams and a large set of people or artists who has management skills. The training of the aspirant will be done on the basis of their interest in creating and composing. What will learn in VFX course to become artists are as follows;-

* You should know how to choose the right course for yourself to become VFX artist; you will require high skills with a degree /post-graduation also.

* One should know what you are good at. Some are good at creating layouts or lightning so you need to figure out what career options you have in this field

* Good communication skills is highly recommended for a VFX artist because if the aspirant fails to communicate or create a collaboration with a any mates then he/she might find it difficult to cope up with the team .

* The aspirant should have an Ability to operate camera, work on microphones for recording audios, video creation etc.

* You will learn about types of VFX software and basics of cinematography, photography, content creation etc.

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