Best courses to do culinary studies and excel in the culinary sector of the hospitality industry

Investing in culinary studies is a great way to kick start a creative career in the hospitality industry. Thanks to apps like Zomato and Swiggy, the reach of several food joints, cafes, luxury hotels have grown at an exponential rate.

The hospitality industry in Kolkata has gained immense traction, by expanding its B 2 C and B 2 B initiatives. Particular focus is on the culinary sector of the hospitality industry. In Kolkata, as anywhere else, food is a cultural expression. But more importantly, investing in food and especially different startups, hospitality chains is also seen as growing brand awareness. It targets potential consumers and builds brand loyalty towards different food brands.

Culinary courses in Kolkata are offered by iLEAD College. It must be noted that culinary studies are a specialization that falls under the entire gamut of hotel management. Anyone interested to chart the career of a chef, or a foodpreneur should research on the culinary courses in Kolkata.

Anyone interested to pursue an undergraduate degree in culinary studies must know that iLEAD offers a B.SC in Culinary Science.  iLEAD has also done extensive market research that guarantees that culinary studies is a viable career option.

The culinary studies course that iLEAD offers cover a diversified cuisine. It is not restricted only to Indian cuisine. It covers Pan Asian cuisine, indigenous food, European cuisine to name a few. Thus, a student of culinary science is introduced to a 360° approach in understanding how culinary science works. Nutrition and Food Science and Gastronomy are other major areas the course focuses on. Thus, it is evident that the course is designed for students with a diversified approach towards food. Some students would want to work as chefs in luxury hotels. Other students would want to opt for growing food organically. A percentage of students will look forward to open bakeries of their own.  The culinary studies course of iLEAD also covers IT. It also puts stress on “food safety management”. It is a necessity since several customers of different food outlets have complained of poor quality food in recent years.

Students of culinary studies are encouraged to have an overall understanding of this discipline. Recently, during the digital orientation, students who have secured admission came up with a range of quirky recipes like noodles pizza. It shows the college keeps on pushing students to experiment and present their creative selves to the fullest.

Kolkata has seen incredible investment in food. Below is a list:

  • Specialty restaurants like Anjan Chatterjee’s
  • Doma Wang’s Pan-Asian restaurant Shim Shim.
  • Sienna Café
  • Mrs. Magpie.
  • Sonnet Hotel, Salt Lake

Thus, Kolkata is one of the best places to study culinary science.

On May 2020, iLEAD organized a webinar, inviting Ms. Nikita Das,  Senior Cluster Head –  Marketing Communications – Marriott Hotels, Bangalore to speak on Digital Marketing Revolution during Covid 19 and beyond the crisis situation. The speaker emphasized that during COVID 19, the hospitality industry is focused on diversifying its function by food delivery. The hospitality industry is not focused at the time of lockdown only on making profits. By organizing various seminars, webinars, iLEAD invites speakers from diverse fields to speak on topics. It gives insights to the students about the industry and how to succeed in their fields.


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