What are the Skills Needed to be a Journalist?

In this crucial digital age, we are living in a world where information is ruling all the facts. We are heavily dependent on the news outlets to get all the whereabouts of the world. Whether it is about the Coronavirus pandemic, a celebrity’s death or even some floods; everything reaches to us because the journalists and media outlets report the same.

Most journalism colleges in Kolkata have also jumped on the wagon to help students learn the modern face of journalism and cope with those standards as well. It is no longer a dated syllabus teaching them trash.


Journalism needs to be spontaneous to say and do things in their interviews. When you are on the field, you never know the kind of people you are going to meet and the kind of questions they might need. Also, the answers which you are ought to receive has a lot to do with the discourse of your questionnaire.

Therefore, a journalist should be spontaneous enough to manage their workflow.

Political correctness in language

The work of a journalist is to do unbiased reporting. You have to report an instance without any kind of bias or discrimination. Even if it is a political crisis or celebrity feud, your stance should not have any kind of political incorrectness.

If you want to be politically correct then you must frame your questions in that way and also set the tone of your language. The reporter is not someone who announces the results of an issue. The reporter has to merely report. Therefore, this quality must be there in journalists.

Maintain your cool and calm

Journalists have to keep their calm intact. Whether you are in debates or asking tough questions, you have to ensure that you are cool-headed.

It is always expected of journalists to be level headed with their voice, tone and even the interviews. They should not be asking or answering anything incorrect out of losing their chill.

Maintaining the sanctity of journalism

Journalists are the news bearers of our society. They bring forth the news which people receive as information. Journalism needs to be clear of all the different kinds of biases and corruption.

As a journalist, you must know that you are maintaining the true and honest face of your profession and not let it get maligned in any case,

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