Why do Corporates Need Big Data Analytics Training?

The world is going through a data explosion. The humongous amount of data needs to be processed to derive constructive outcomes from them. Data is important to understand change, trends, correlations and also relativity. Without data, in the present digitally automated world, it is almost impossible to continue operations and stay competitive.

Data Analytics in a layman’s language works roughly in the following manner –

· Collect data

· Organise Data

· Identify the trends or correlations

· Present a report of the analysis of data

· Make recommendations for improvement

Data Analytics has applications in every industry present in the world now. From the entertainment industry to the healthcare system, data analytics training is required everywhere.

Even BCCI is contemplating to open a special data analytics wing to analyze the previous records related to cricket and come up with easy solutions.

The Government of India thinks big data can help solve problems related to farming and even natural disasters.

The Aarogya Setu app created by the Government of India is an excellent example of a data analytics application that has helped the Government to keep the public informed as well as to trace possible hotspots much in advance.

Hence, big data analytics training is essential to stay relevant and make sustainable decisions in any field.

The benefits of big data analytics training are as follows –

· Improve your problem-solving skills as well as the time required for it.

· Lesser manual effort in case of processing huge data and instant information or recommendations.

· Approximate and near to accuracy predictions in case of demand and sales.

· Store and process data as per requirement

· It makes risks easier in business by reducing the chances of losses

Data analytics is applied in sectors like –

· Banking

· Media and Entertainment

· Agriculture

· Healthcare

· Education

· Sports

· Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

· Sustainable Management and much more

Why Is Big Data Absolutely Necessary?

Imagine Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart, Uber, Zomato operating without a data analytics wing. How would you get to see the recommendations on e-commerce sites based on your search? How will Uber suggest a preferable trip to you based on your previous bookings without data analytics?

Imagine banks like SBI, HDFC, ICICI, Axis or any other bank trying to solve your issues without a data analytics wing? How will they provide you with automated recommendations based on your investments, earnings and savings without data analytics?

Imagine no data record of yourself as a patient in a hospital during an OPD. How difficult would it be to narrate your medical history again and again without any data with them?

These days even promos of movies are made with the help of AI technology that apparently works on the basis of data analytics.

Hence, data analytics can give you your dream career and make you reach places. No industry can literally operate without data analytics and after good big data training in Kolkata, you can simply find yourself a lucrative job offer to fulfill your dreams.

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