What Are Some Careers in Real Estate?

The real estate industry is the biggest employment generation sector in India after the Indian railways. The industry is expected to reach $1.3 trillion by the year 2025. Also, the growing business in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities in India is boosting the need for offices, hospitals, colleges, malls which obviously is increasing the real estate sector’s investments. It presently contributes a major chunk to India’s GDP after the agricultural sector.

The growing requirement of affordable housing is also another reason for the real sector to grow. The Pradhan Mantri Awaaz Yojna or the Housing For all schemes by the Government of India are some ongoing projects that will keep the wheel of real estate go on for the coming few years. India’s real estate sector is predicted to become the third-largest real estate sector in the world by 2030, which is the next decade. And as per reports, 75 million Indian employees would be required during the same time frame of 2030. The demand for bringing sustainability in the buildings or building green buildings also has brought in the demand for specialized skills among designers.

The real estate sector so far in India has operated in a much-disorganized way. However, the very recent reform of the sector by the Government of India has paved the way for the sector to get organized. Now an organized sector needs professionals to work in an organized manner and the real estate sector really lacks skilled professionals to hire from. Most of them need training which requires companies to bear the extra costs.

Despite it being one of the largest sectors in the world, India has very few institutes with dedicated real estate courses. However, the problem is no longer that persistent as Kolkata now has a college with a real estate degree course. Their BBA in Real Estate is a comprehensive management course that makes you learn about the management disciplines with specialization in real estate.

The course is affiliated to MAKAUT and is taught in association with CREDAI Bengal. It enables you to learn the following about real estate and helps you become a skilled professional –

• Development and Management of Real Estate
• Real Estate Fundamentals
• Legal Framework for Real Estate
• Real Estate Valuation
• Real Estate Development Model
• Real Estate Investment Management
• Green Practices in Real Estate
• Maintenance Management
• Real Estate Approval & Sanction
• Construction Management
• Low-Cost Affordable Housing & Space-Saving Interiors

A BBA in Real Estate also opens various career opportunities to you. The various career options that you will have post the completion of the course are –

• Consultant
• Valuation expert
• Agent
• Housing officer
• Surveyor
• Town Planner
• Project manager
• Broker and many more

Hence, if you are very passionate about real estate and want to build your career in the sector, enroll in a real estate course to become a skilled professional that the industry would seek in the coming times.

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