How Do You Become a Successful Entrepreneur?

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Indian has almost 600 million people who are in need of jobs. The number is constantly increasing and with the falling GDP percentage and high increase in unemployment numbers, providing jobs to such a huge population is almost impossible for any country.

India now needs more job creators rather than job seekers.

Entrepreneurship in the last few years is riding high in India. There have been stories reported wherein we have seen even teenagers are making it big in the entrepreneurial ventures.

The inspirational success stories of entrepreneurship are abundant in number.

• Recently Rata Tata has invested in a pharma startup known as ‘Generic Aadhar’ that was started off by a Thane based 16 year old school boy, Arjun Deshpande.

LawIn1, a company that provides legal assistance online. It is created by law students from the Army Institute of Law, Mohali.

Campus Knot, founded by four students from the Mississippi State University, it is an online platform for students and academic activities.

• Vegley, an organization that sells naturally ripened mangoes. It is founded by two brothers studying in MAIT, Delhi. Their initiative happened after they came to know that 98% of mangoes in Indian market are ripened through chemicals.

Braigo Labs started by 12 year old Shubham Banerjee who earned thousands of dollars from Intel and is regarded as the world’s youngest entrepreneur after he came up with the Braigo printer for the visually impaired.

If you have aspirations to own your ideas and dreams, if you are someone who wants to become an employer rather than an employee, but do not have resources or knowledge to start off your business, a BBA in Entrepreneurship course might help you.

An entrepreneurship degree course helps you in understanding the minute core elements of business and with each passing semester you earn proficiency in one part of the business. Right from registering your business to getting funds for starting it off, you will get an idea of everything you need to begin a startup from a BBA in Entrepreneurship course.

Some colleges like iLEAD in Kolkata even offer you with guidance and fund to start off your business provided you have a great idea to convert into a business. An entrepreneurship degree course also would make you learn on how to start a business with zero or minimum capital amount.

Converting local problems into business solutions are a forte of such courses. Also, the course would help you to develop a business mindset and make you learn and know the stories behind the establishment of successful businessmen and women that would eventually guide you to develop a road map for your own project. Every big project and business needs a well informed mind to run it. And a BBA in Entrepreneurship course would simply help you develop that well informed, well id eating business mindset so that you too can become a successful entrepreneur and lead the future world.

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