Five Things Nobody Told You About VFX Course

How a Visual Effects Company Works

The animation and VFX industry in India is on a surge since almost 2012. There have been ample numbers of popular Hollywood movies and series that have outsourced India’s VFX talent. Moreover, the growth of mythological and historical series on Indian television as well as the surge of digital media pushed the growth of the VFX market in India too. And of course, the release of Baahubali in India simply changed the game for the VFX artists both in the Indian diaspora as well as the world.

#India Is The New Animation Capital For The World

Did you know about the popular movies from the western world that had its VFX work done by Indians?

You will be surprised to know the names. Starting from Avatar, New Moon, GI Joe, Spiderman : Homecoming, Beauty and the Beast, X Men : Apocalypse, Deadpool, Van Helsing, Avengers, Transformers, Hercules 3D, Maleficent, Jupiter Ascending to Game of Thrones – The stunning visuals in all these spectacular projects were created by Indians.

#Choose Your Way Forward

If you choose your career in VFX, you will have a lot of avenues to select from. VFX provides you with a range of options. You can select any one as per your choice and preference. While doing your VFX course, you will understand your inclination and interest in the particular task and you can choose to specialize in the same and build your career in it.

The career prospects in the field of VFX are –

• Graphic Designing • Digital Artist

• Web Designing

• 2D and 3D Animation

• Multimedia

• 3D Modeler

• Story Board Artist

• Flash Designer

• Compositor

• Compositing VFX Artist

• Texturing Artist

• Game Designing

• Visualizer

• Flash Animation

• Character Animation

• Matte Painting

• Technical Direction

• Game Designing

#Learn Handling New Software

As per the structure of VFX training in Kolkata, students are taught both the 2D and 3D technology. Adobe Flash is used for the 2D technology and Maya for 3D. As compositing softwares, After Effects, Fusion and Nuke are preferred by the industry as well as the institutes.

#Create Your Own Demo Reel

Just like fashion designers, photographers and interior designers are required to create their own portfolio to present to their potential employers, a VFX artist also needs to create his/her own demo reel. The demo reel is a 2 to 5 minutes film that consists of all your best VFX creations to the show and impress your potential employer.

This demo reel needs to be updated as and when required.

#Salary You May Expect

The salary you may expect right after completing your VFX training in Kolkata can be around Rs 25,000. As a fresher you can definitely expect your starting salary to be minimum 20K to 21K. This will keep on increasing with your experience and upskilling in the field. Hence if you are creative, possess a little of drawing skills and have technological curiosity, a VFX course followed by a career in VFX would be in ideal option for you.

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