Top 5 Multimedia Colleges in Kolkata

What is multimedia?

Multimedia may have a plethora of definitions. One of them is as follows: Multimedia refers to the digital information that constitutes audio clips, video clips and animation along with traditional media. (Text, graphics, images) Here’s a more appropriate definition: Multimedia is the field concerned with the integration of text, graphics, stills as well as moving images (videos), animation, audio, etc which is represented, stored, transmitted and processed digitally.

The information is completely oriented for computers and electronic devices and is also controlled and monitored by them. Career options one can avail after taking up a multimedia course are as follows:

• Digital camera operator

Sound engineering technician

• Multimedia artist

• Film and video editor

• Dubbing editor

• Sound effects editor

• Audio recording engineer

• Game designer

• Animator

• Game Programmer

• Game Tester

• Photographer

• Graphic designer

• Multimedia designer

• Installation artist

What students can learn from a multimedia course?

There’s a lot to learn from a multimedia course.

Students on taking a multimedia course would learn about the following:

• Basic nuances of design- it’s methodology and procedure

• The visual language- visual narratives, the sequential structure of arranging the visual elements.

• The key basics of drawing

• Digital designing using softwares like Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Flash, Autodesk Maya.

• Digital typography • Digital photography

• Web technology and interactivity (Making the GUI more interactive with the users)

• The science behind the motion of everything around us

• The art of digital film making

• Scriptwriting for animation

• Storytelling through animation

• A detailed overview of infographics and motion graphics and their application in animation

• Designing for branding and advertising

• Graphic designing

• Importance of audio in animation and usage of Adobe Audition.

Moreover, this also enables students to understand the cognitive abilities of people in details, which needs to be kept in mind while designing/animating something. The animator/designer would always want to convey as much visual and graphic information as possible provided that there’s no ‘information overload’ on the receivers’ end.

This also gives the students a tremendous creative boost and an urge to showcase their unique visual storytelling skills, after all, stories are what connect people. To understand the cognitive abilities, just going through a couple of models, theories and definitions won’t suffice.

The students would have to go through plenty of animated/graphic designs, animated films, websites, etc to have a deeper understanding of the same. Then only can they be able to come up with something unique and out-of-the-box. I believe this is a very interesting perspective of looking at things, where the person on the creator’s/sender’s end analyses both his/her end as well as the receiver’s end and then creates content accordingly.

This is bound to improve the overall communication skills of a student and help him/her understand the anthropological aspect of observing and comprehending things. Here are the top 5 Multimedia institutes offering the best multimedia courses in Kolkata:

1) Arena Animation, Maniktala

2) MAAC, Girish Park

3) iLEAD Kolkata, which has tied up with Hi-Tech Animation for offering the multimedia course.

4) Hi-Tech Animation, Jodhpur Park

5) Arena Animation, Barrackpore.

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