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We see the beauty in different places we stay or when we visit the hills, a beautiful seashore or a jungle with the beauty and touch of nature. Or the memories of your siblings, your parents, family, friends or the moments you spend with your near and dear ones.

You capture those not only in your memories, but you can click a photograph and keep it forever.

Photography came into existence in the late 1830s in France, when in 1826 the first photograph was shot by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce. He used a portable camera, Obscura, to expose a pewter plate coated with bitumen to light. With each type of emulsion, photographers experimented with different chemicals and techniques.

What is Photography?

Wikipedia says, “Photography is the art, application, and practice of creating durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation, either electronically by means of an image sensor, or chemically by means of a light-sensitive material such as photographic film. “

But I will say, Photography is an art where we communicate through photographs. The moment when, where and how a photographer freezes a moment or a scene makes the photograph speak to us.

In this world, we have a lot of different things to capture for which we have to shoot different things with different styles.

So photography is categorized into different types:

• Landscape photography

• Wildlife photography

• Aerial photography

• Sports photography

• Portrait photography

• Architectural photography

• Wedding photography

• Event photography

• Fashion photography

• Micro photography

• Food photography

• Street photography

Now let’s speak about the Photographer.

Who is a photographer?

The one who practices the art of photography and have practical as well as theoretical knowledge about photography. Photography is both an art and science. It is an expression of artistic means, just the camera replacing the pen or the paintbrush. Hence, a photographer is a good photographer when he/she understands how to handle the camera like a painter handling its pain brush and should know what to keep in the frame like a painter chooses elements to make its painting blissful to eyes.

How can you become a photographer?

If you aspire to become a photographer, you have to practice photography, you have to develop your photography skills. There is no right or wrong way to become a photographer. You just have to practice, have appropriate equipment, research on yourself by handling the camera.

Photography as a career?

With the boom in advertising, involvement of youths in media and fashion industry, etc., photography has emerged as a thrilling and lucrative career option to many Indian youths.

The career in photography is a fast and a popular choice among all the age groups and mostly for photography lovers.

In today’s date, a number of schools at the 10+2 stage offer photography as a vocational subject. No specific academic requirements are required in photography for the full-time courses. However, candidates are eligible for the diploma/ certificate courses in photography who have cleared the 10+2 exam.

Photography is also provided as an optional subject for a bachelor’s degree in fine arts.

Photography – Career Scope & Job Prospects

• Press photographers or photojournalists

• feature photographers

• commercial photographers

• portrait photographers

• wedding photographers

• advertising photographer

• fashion photographers

• scientific photographers

Personal skill is very important in this career/field

Some reputed colleges that provide photography course in Kolkata are –


2)Calcutta School Of Contemporary Photography

3)Bengal photography institutes

4)NSHM college

5)Heritage college

6)Nikon School

7)The Indian Institute of Digital Art & Animation

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