Why You Should Consider Learning Animation at iLEAD

Did you ever wonder at the marveling visuals of the huge dinosaurs in Jurassic Park or the beautiful blue half-human creatures in Avatar or even the huge flying dragons in Game of Thrones?

marveling visuals
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If you were awestruck with these living creatures, you must have admired a few of them as individual characters too. The dinosaur named ‘Blue’ in Jurassic Park, the huge powerful machine with human emotions named ‘Optimus Prime’ in Transformers or the Night Fury dragon named ‘Toothless’ in How To Train Your Dragon became favourites of millions around the world.

These adored and much loved animated characters gave rise to the demand of ‘character animation’ and today with the 3D technology taking over of the arena, character animation is the new buzz in the world of animation.

iLEAD’s animation degree program is designed keeping in mind the latest needs and demands in the world market emphasizing strongly on ‘character animation’. It provides you with the platform wherein you can learn the technology and also the aesthetics to implement it digitally.

The degree course of B.Sc in Animation, Multimedia and Graphics at iLEAD is in association with HiTech Animation and is affiliated to MAKAUT. The course can be broadly divided into three basic divisions –

1. Graphics – From learning the vector graphics editor of Illustrator, the image processing application of Photoshop to the design software of CorelDraw, you will get to learn and use every current technology that is in practice in the industry.

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2. Web Designing – Responsive page designing is the focus area in web designing. Students are first taught to design templates in photoshop and then convert it in HTML. DreamWeaver is the programming editor that is used as a tool to design a web page.

Web Designing
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3. Animation – Both 2D and 3D animation are taught to the students through a practice based ourse. Step by step, students get to design their own characters and stories through animation. Adobe Flash or Maya – Students are acquitted with both the 2D and 3D animation software.

2D/3D animation
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The compositing software that are taught also include After Effects, Fusion and Nuke.

Among all the prevalent animation courses in Kolkata, the one at iLEAD is different in many ways.

• It is a degree course affiliated under MAKAUT, West Bengal’s biggest university.

• The course is in collaboration with HiTech Animation and that would give the students ample opportunities to have hands on experience on animation production.

• The course is completely job oriented, designed and made keeping in mind the current global demand standards of animation.

If you are someone, who have the power of imagination, a knack of creation and love to experiment with designs, this course at iLEAD for sure is for you.

drawing skills
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Some of you may worry about your drawing skills. Don’t worry. An animation course needs only 10% of your drawing skills and 90% of your dedication to become an expert and creative animation artist.

So in case you are looking for animation courses, make sure you go through the 3D animation degree program at iLEAD, for it is one of the most professionally designed animation courses in Kolkata.

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