5 Myths About Fashion Designing Industry Which are Not True

There are a lot of existing myths about the fashion designing industry that often keep aspirants of design away from it.

As much as the myths are baseless, the design industry in general is just like any other industry that has competition and a need of sustainability.

Some fashion designing courses in Kolkata are now structured keeping the need of sustainability in mind as well as to equip the students with the cut throat completion.

Here are some myths about the industry that you should not worry about –

You Need To Be Great In Drawing

Some people do believe that designing requires exceptional drawing abilities. You may doubt your drawing abilities and hence, the idea of fashion designing may appear scary to you. But the truth is far away from that.

For a course like B.Sc fashion designing, drawing skills are required as much as it is required to make a design understandable. You need not be an outstanding painter to become a designer.

It Is A 24×7 Glamorous Industry

In general, the notion among the masses is that the fashion industry is a 24×7 glamorous place to work in. But that is not correct.

People who work at the backstage do not lead a very glamorous life at all. In fact the pressure is so much that glamour often flies out of the window. The Working in the industry requires determination of hard work. If that is your priority, you will thrive in the fashion designing industry.

You Need To Be Exceptionally Creative

Most of the designers do not every day come up with out of the ordinary designs. It is simply not possible for an individual to deliver extraordinary creative designs every single day.

Majority of successful designers go for research. Research makes you come across a lot of designs that help you to mold your creativity with traditional and modern culture.

Why Sustainable Fashion Is the Need of the Hour! ↗️↗️

Why Sustainable Fashion Is the Need of the Hour!

Research inspires you to create designs that are unique, attractive and appealing.

The Industry Caters To Elite Only

That’s a complete myth! These days designer clothes are available in the market at every range of price and for everyone. It was another time when designer clothes meant for the elite only.

As the customer base has increased, the demand for designers has also increased in the garments industry.

Design Remains To Be the Only Option for You

After completing your B.Sc Fashion Designing course, you need not become a fashion designer essentially. There are multiple options open for you. You may go for higher studies. You can opt for masters or even Ph.D. in design after completing your post-graduation. You may also get into fashion photography, apparel designing, jewelry designing, interior designing too if you want to.

Fashion designing courses in Kolkata under MAKAUT, provide you with numerous opportunities to explore the field and even work with industry experts during the span of your course. Seminars, workshops and field visits within and outside India make you understand the dynamics of the industry as well.

So if you have aspirations to become a fashion designer, do not let these myths hold you off and join a course of B.Sc fashion designing now.

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