Advantage of Learning BBA in Real Estate at iLead Kolkata

Anyone can study real estate anywhere they want, be it via online courses or studying in just any college but that will not get the student anywhere. What matters at the end of the course?  A certificate which has a weightage, placement assistance and above all industry experience. Who can provide that? A real estate institute which has got the combination of all these factors and above all takeaways that the student will cherish throughout his or her career.

iLEAD – The Institute of Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Development is a world-class institute promoted by PS & Srijan Group – the two top Real Estate Groups of Eastern India with more than 300 successful Real Estate Projects and 3000 + employees.  The institute also has a state-approved undergraduate program in real estate management.   As a real estate student, this means that your search for the perfect real estate institute has reached its destination.

The real estate sector in India is still struggling to get organized and professionalized due to acute shortage of skilled professionals. The current requirement of core professionals in the sector is estimated to be about 40,000 per annum which is almost impossible to be matched without an adequate supply of manpower in any foreseeable future.

Still, no Indian universities or colleges offer courses in Real Estate Management, though over 300 universities and colleges in the US have proper Real Estate Management program. The task of acquiring knowledge on Real Estate is essential to become a successful real estate professional. In times to come, this would be a prerequisite for anyone who wants to become a real estate professional.

Real estate courses in Kolkata such as the one in iLEAD offers the perfect combination of facilities to the students that will make them a real estate professional in the truest sense of the term.

At a time when Real Estate business opportunities are growing by lakhs of crores only in India itself, when the nation is throwing open its gates for top-notch developers, Real estate companies are facing an increasing demand for experienced professionals and partners. The hands-on training for the real estate course at iLEAD is supported and mentored by PS Group, one of the most respected names in the Real Estate industry. It is because of this successful history of 30 + years that PS group has been able to handpick, integrate and consolidate all success secrets of the trade-in one single course to immerse the aspiring real estate professionals in an exciting firsthand experience.

For your estate management, this type of real estate course in Kolkata will help you to get the exact professional edge that you have been craving for.


The Real Estate world is driven mainly on 4 wheels Finance, Construction, Business Management, and Law. While learning BBA in real estate at iLEAD Kolkata you are bound to learn how to drive your real estate career on those 4 wheels and become the winner of the race to success.

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