Interior Architecture And Designing Courses That Aims To Explore The Intersection Of Architecture, Conservation, Building & Design

Architecture, conservation, building, and design – When you merge every aspect of the current era’s needs and requirements, it kind of gives rise to the fusion style of designing.

With more and more global impact and high living standards in the urban world, it has become a necessity to intersect the natural, individual and professional requirements, all at the same time.

Interior designing is no longer about designing a blank space only. It is about designing a space that defines one’s personality and preferences and also the mood and aura of the place.

Some of the examples of such great fusions would be –

1) In 2018 American Institute of Architects, California Council (AIACC) Design Awards was bestowed upon WRNS Studio for the Sonoma Academy Janet Durgin Guild and Commons project.


The award was aimed to recognize designs that represented ‘excellence with sustainability and resiliency’. The ‘nature-inspired education centre’ has been designed keeping in mind all the available Biophilic principles.


2) Another institution would be the ‘Graafschap College’ in Doetinchem, Netherlands. A solar-powered branch is recently designed by Cepezed. The December 2018 edition of Society Interiors magazine claims that the building ‘eschews natural gas in favour of a power supply that’s 100% electric’.

It further claimed that the design and architectural excellence enables maximum ‘access to natural daylight’.

3) The TRIF House designed by Segey Fedotov at Porto Heli in Greece is an example of a great structure for energy conservation. The features of the design insulate the indoors of the home.

From Kolkata, an inspiring design that recently received a lot of attention would be the Mirage lounge at the Bengal Rowing Club. The current stunning decor by designer Shabman Alam was difficult because the place lacks sunlight and also has a very low ceiling height.

However, despite the lacking, the current design is a beautiful fusion of tradition and modern urban culture.

Fusion designing merging all the needs of conservation, green requirements and architectural beauty is the need of the hour.

Our current urban surroundings require more green buildings, energy-saving homes and at the same time, they should be of global standard with comfortable living and working conditions.

To abide by these requirements and generate great living spaces in the current era, innovative interior designers are required but there’s a genuine scarcity of such designers in the market.

Kolkata is now facing a boom stage in the real estate sector. With more and more buildings touching the city’s skyline, more fascinating designed spaces are in need.

Keeping the demand in mind, a course in interior designing may just lead you to the way you want to go in the field of interior designing. For getting you an impressive portfolio, a professional course in interior designing is a must. An interior design course in Kolkata makes you familiar with the current trends and requirements in the field of interior designing.

An interior design course in Kolkata also enables you to work in real projects and under the stalwarts of interior designing in the city.

In case you are already a fan of some great designers in Kolkata and yourself want to become the best interior designer in Kolkata, then enroll yourself in for an interior design course in Kolkata right now!


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