Growth in Media Industry by FY23 Can Be a Reason to Make Your Career in Media Studies

The Media and Entertainment industry in the last few years have witnessed tremendous growth in India. The sector is projected to grow further in the coming few years resulting in the requirement of great employment opportunities for creative individuals.

As per the published data by FICCI, the growth in the media industry is driven by the following facts –


  • The Indian film segment reached INR 174.5 billion.
  • The growth was driven by digital rights which grew by 59%
  • 325 million people watched videos online in 2018
  • The advertising industry will reach Rs 300 billion by 2021
  • The Media and Entertainment sector in India is expected to reach INR 2.35 trillion by 2021.
  • In 2018, 1200 hours of original content was created for OTT platforms. Netflix released its first original in Hindi titled as Love Per Square Foot.
  • The Net Box Office Collection in India reached INR 9.21 billion.
  • China became the largest market for Indian content in the world.
  • Digital rights investment grew from 8.5 billion to 13.5 billion
  • Overall overseas theatre market grew to reach INR 30 billion
  • India has the potential to attract approximately a million film tourists that may yield revenue up to US$ 3 billion by 2022.
  • As per FICCI, Indian Cinema will witness the parallel release of films in theatres and OTT platforms in the coming few years.
  • We can also expect to witness a growing demand for ‘pre-theatrical premium digital window’ in the coming years.

While the best mass communication college in Kolkata kept on producing great media professionals all through these years, West Bengal truly lacked a dedicated film school since long.

2019 will remain a special year on the calendar as this academic year Bengal is going to get its first state university-affiliated world-class film institute.

Students from Bengal who aspire to enroll in film studies no longer need to leave the state as now there’s both undergraduate and postgraduate film studies course for students.

iLEAD, affiliated under MAKAUT, has come up with B.SC in Film and TV Production and M.SC in Film and TV Production for the students and owing to the predicted growth in the industry, this course for sure will help the students to gain hands-on experience with the craft of filmmaking.

As the industry will grow further, the demand for skilled employees will also increase. And this course is the perfect platform to develop your skills before taking the final big leap.

Some of the unique features of the course are –


  • Guerilla Film Making of 5-minute duration on a current social topic
  • Production for Netflix and Amazon
  • Sound Technology – Recording/ Sound Editing/Mixing/ Dolby/ DTS/ THX and more with studio visits
  • In House production of Corporate and Business film (PRACTICAL)
  • The corporate film, music video and social media productions
  • Cinematography and lighting with practical demonstration
  • Use of Script/Story/Pre-Visualization Software In Modern Movie Production
  • Study of music along with a screening of epic musical movies

The course particularly aims at producing method filmmakers. And owing to the out of the box and practical curriculum of the course, you can choose not only to become a media professional but also can choose your area of interest and excel in the same.

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