How BBA in Real Estate from iLEAD Help you in Better Career

The real estate industry in India is going through a rapid makeover. With changing times and urban modernization, the realty sector is also westernizing itself.

It’s adopting the best practices involved in the business from various parts of the world and is almost at par with international standards now.

In the past few years, India has experienced some of the most modern and voguish urban homes and offices in the major cities across the country.

And in such a scenario, professionals who have an academic background of real estate along with requisite professional experience are highly preferred.

The industry now requires already polished professionals as soon as they pass out from their institutes. Amateurs would require training. And that is a one-time consuming process that everyone wants to avoid.

The best real estate management courses help one to garner expertise in the field and get them industry ready way before completing their academics.

It gets you ready for the real world out there and sharpens you further about industry trends, customer needs, client satisfaction, and international standards.

Advantages of a BBA in Real Estate from iLEAD –

1. It gives you proper training in real estate business along with making you learn about the basics of the business world. For example – You learn about economics as well as direct and indirect taxes applicable in the real estate sector together in one semester. Similarly, you get to study real estate valuation, development model and business regulatory framework with other disciplines of management together in another semester.

2. Having a real estate background, the institute provides learning opportunities topped with working opportunities. As a result, students get the most employment oriented real estate course from iLEAD.

3. Specialized real estate courses or degrees are very rarely provided by universities and colleges in India. In such a scenario, it is difficult to find academically trained professionals for the sector. There is a real shortage of skilled experts to start up their career in the sector and graduation in real estate may just give you an upper hand and more confidence while starting off.

4. The real estate college in Kolkata offers you a graduation degree that opens a range of career options for you in the realty sector including, real estate brokers, agents, conservation officer, housing officer, town planner and more.

5. A BBA in real estate not only pushes you further professionally but also empowers you with an academic background in the discipline that you want to take up as your career. Moreover, along with real estate background, you are gaining a management degree too with a degree of BBA in your pocket.

Hence, if you are seriously considering a career in real estate, iLEAD is the best real estate college to get into. It would groom you into a real estate expert through this 3-year degree program of BBA in real estate.


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