5 Skills That Will Help You to Become a Successful Interior Designer

“I’m an interior designer from the soul. It’s not about just putting things in a room. It’s much deeper and broader. It’s about self-discovery.” – Alexandra Stoddard, a renowned interior designer, author and lifestyle philosopher.

Following Alexandra Stoddard’s words, we can surely say that interior designing isn’t just about decorating a room, it is also about designing and balancing every aspect of space in harmony to enhance the experience of living or working in that space.

To become a successful interior designer, you should nurture 5 skills within yourself. These skills if sharpened well, can set you for a long route in the world of interiors.

Creative Skill – Your inner artistry should be expressed as creatively as possible in this field. Your ideas should be creative, unique and must be according to the requirements and tastes of your client. Clients will never be the same and neither their preferences will be. Creating beautiful spaces according to others’ specifications is not everyone’s forte. But this is what interior designers do. It’s one of their major subtle skills.

Imagination Skill – You must have the potential to imagine the space you want to create clarity in your head. You must visualize the space properly in your mind before going for the groundwork or else there would be an unnecessary waste of funds, resources, and labor. That might displease your clients.

Basic Drawing Skill – You don’t need to be a painter or a great artist to become an interior designer. But basic drawing skill is essential to become an interior designer. The mantra is simple – Your sketch should clearly depict the design you want to convey.

Sense of Aesthetics – An aesthetic sense is essential for interior designers. The colour combination of the walls, the floor material, the curtains, the ceiling, the furniture – Everything should complement each other and nothing should appear out of the place. Sense of aesthetics can be enhanced by reading magazines and surfing the internet too.

Technology Skills – The world is going digital and hence it is impossible to thrive in today’s world without computer literacy. An aspiring interior designer should have some basic technical skills to present his/her design to the clients. Nowadays the pattern is also to create 3D designs for the clients to get the design approved from them.

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