Degree In BBA, Best Curriculum To Become Entrepreneurs Or To Join Family Business

Did you know there’s a special BBA course in Kolkata now designed for aspiring entrepreneurs? A degree course affiliated under MAKAUT and conducted by iLEAD is structured in a way that would help anyone who has dreams of becoming an entrepreneur or join the family business.

If you are one of those who since a long time want to turn into an employer instead of an employee but have no idea how and where to start from, this course will help you achieve your dreams.

The curriculum has all the required necessities included in it to prepare you for the future ahead. It is a practice-based course that will guide you through the road map of your journey towards entrepreneurship.

The syllabus of the course is also quite different from the regular BBA curriculum. From a generation of an idea of registering your business and promoting it – The course gives you step by step knowledge about each fundamental of business.

The curriculum includes –

  • Case studies.
  • Inspirational stories of self-made business.
  • How to have a mindset of an entrepreneur.
  • Exploring small business.
  • Ideating on business which could be started with minimum or no capital.
  • Considering franchise business and replication of successful business models from other parts of the country/abroad.
  • Ways to identify new business ideas. Solutions to local problems.
  • Importance of SWOT analysis.
  • Risk perception and its mitigation.
  • Types of Organizations.
  • Business Regulatory Framework.
  • Types of Registrations required for all new business.
  • The research methodology used by start-ups for validation.
  • Financial planning and cash flow projection, various sources of finances, Government incentives.
  • Marketing strategy including planning for Ads and PR for business launch and promotion.
  • E-Commerce and cybersecurity.
  • Online and offline channel for sales, secured payment gateways and logistics planning.
  • Using guerilla marketing and promoting strategies. Analyzing various case studies and finding replicable ideas to be implemented.
  • Using PR and Events to build brand loyalties. Advantages and how to implement SOP for every business activity.
  • Establishing a process-driven business.
  • Automation through the use of technology.
  • ERP driven business.
  • Generation of MIS reports and its importance in decision making.
  • How to study balance sheet and financial statements, generating monthly P/L accounts, Finance, and Cash Flow Management.
  • Strategies to get high Credit Rating through efficient Financial Management and reduction in the cost of borrowing.
  • How to hire a great team; motivate employees, performance appraisal and incentivizing performance.
  • ESOPs and other incentives.

Among the top BBA colleges in West Bengal, iLEAD is one of the colleges providing the BBA course in Kolkata on entrepreneurship.   The course will provide you with great leadership qualities, extra-ordinary communicative skills, and team building skills.

India is currently the 3rd largest startup hub in the world. With 50% growth in the advanced technology-oriented start-ups, the avenues for entrepreneurs are getting bigger and better.

With such advantageous conditions, taking the route towards entrepreneurship would be the most lucrative career option for you.

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