Do You Know Jobs In These Sectors Will Be In Demand By 2021

In the fast-growing world of today’s age, time and needs change at a faster pace than even we can blink.

The coming 2021 too will be no exception and the job market will see quite a changed demography by that period.

As per experts, the factors that will influence the requirements will be –

  1. Exports from India.
  2. Rapid technology adoption in companies.
  3. Flow of FDI
  4. Business Innovations.
  5. Further Digitization.

Predictions say maximum demand of employees will be in the ‘data’ sector followed by digital technology with an increasing number of startups and entrepreneurs in the e-commerce and technology-enabled platforms.

These jobs are essentially management centric and a degree of BBA before specializing in them will enrich the aspirant’s knowledge about industry trends. BBA colleges in Kolkata have a fitting curriculum in this regards. And it is the ideal course for a non-commerce student to get a strong grip on the basics of business and industry.

The jobs that will be in high demand are –

  1. Data Managers

‘Data’ is a new power that everyone wants to control. And each organization in the coming age would want to centralize their data in a platform to use it as per their requirement.

Customer satisfaction and employee qualification are data. Research on product need and customer behavior is data. Success and failure records of a particular service or product are data. Details of a customer who uses Uber or Swiggy service regularly are also vital data for those organizations. Which products interest you the most and you can be potential buyers of which service – Are also important data that can be transformed into profitable information for platforms like Amazon, Flipkart or Snapdeal.

One cannot run a business without knowing its customers, employees, stakeholders and hence, database management is not getting outdated anytime soon. It is going to rule the job sector in the future too. But to understand the business, you need to know the basic of business and BBA is an ideal choice for that.

  1. Business Analysts

Collecting data from various sources, gathering information about the competitors, measuring the company’s stand in the market and coming up with best economic plans for an organization is roughly what a business analyst is required to do.

The job again requires one to have knowledge and ideas about current trends in business which the BBA colleges in Kolkata provide.

  1. Entrepreneurs in e-commerce and technology-based platforms

Entrepreneurship in the technical field requires knowledge about business and industry too along with technical expertise.

Today India is experiencing a record number of startups and in this sector and as per predictions, the numbers of entrepreneurs will grow in the future.

For people who want to take the path of entrepreneurship, having a degree in management is greatly recommended.

  1. Freelance employees on the digital platform

Freelancing is increasing at a very fast rate in the country. The pay is good and the comfort of home is also available in this mode of work.

Freelancing can become a widely available option for people working in the field of graphics, multimedia, writing.

But again, as the clients come from various industries and the demands also change from business to business, a basic idea about the industry trends would be good for a freelance employee too. BBA helps there as well.

BBA colleges in Kolkata provide students with ample hands-on experience and practical exposure to students to take that first leap of faith in themselves and select the best future path. The BBA course fees in the city are also affordable for students aiming a career in management.

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