Are You Planning A Career In Media Studies? Get Detailed Information About Courses And Syllabus Today

Are you planning to get into the media sector? Do you aspire to become a filmmaker or want to specialize in certain aspects of filmmaking?

If you have any of those above ideas or plans in mind, we have some great news to share with you.

iLEAD in Kolkata affiliated under MAKAUT, is going to start one of a kind undergraduate and postgraduate degree course in film studies from the academic year of 2019.

Although there have been ample amount of mass communication colleges in Kolkata, a film school dedicated completely to film studies affiliated under a state university had been absent.

This would be West Bengal’s first film school where you can earn a degree on film studies and no longer need to move to FTII in Pune or Mumbai.

Some of the key information about the course is as follows –

  • The school would conduct both under-graduate and post-graduate degree courses of B.Sc and M.Sc on Film and TV Production.
  • The curriculum is designed in a manner aimed to create method filmmakers.
  • Method Education allows you to diversify in many other areas later as per your interest.
  • It is a comprehensive, scientific and job-oriented course.
  • The school would have tie-ups with India’s biggest studios to provide unmatched opportunities to the students.
  • With world class infrastructure and real time projects, the students will get a lot of scope to come up with their best creative ideas.
  • In campus certificates and guild cards will be provided to the students.
  • It is a practice based course that will focus on cinema that is relevant today.
  • In the undergraduate level, students can also take up their specializations in cinematography, VFX, sound or screenplay writing.
  • The faculty members would include stalwarts from Mumbai as well as Tallygunge.

The curriculum or syllabus of the course is also designed keeping the current need of the industry and global standards in mind. The syllabus per semester stands as –

Semester 1

  • The Moving Pictures Process
  • Study Indian Cinema With Screening Of Films
  • Use of Script/Story/Pre-Visualization Software In Modern Movie Production
  • Practical Classes with in house software and hardware

Semester 2

  • Guerilla Film Making of 5 minute duration on current social topic
  • Study of music along with screening of epic musical movies
  • Introduction to Production Management and Television
  • World Cinema – Study on Narrative and Visual Style with Screening
  • Creative Analysis – Psychograph/ Socio-Political study/ Box office study

Semester 3

  • Production for Netflix and Amazon
  • Writing for Cinema
  • Cinematography and lighting with practical demonstration
  • Sound Technology – Recording/ Sound Editing/Mixing/ Dolby/ DTS/ THX and more with studio visits
  • Introduction to documentary film with screening

Semester 4

  • Case studies and film analysis
  • IMAX and 3D technology
  • Introduction to role of AR/ AI filmmaking
  • VFX & Animation/ CGI/Prosthetics along with screening
  • 3 months internship in real world production

Semester 5

  • Analyzing Cinema – Art and Craft
  • Advertising film Making and techniques
  • Corporate film, music video and social media productions
  • Page design and layout with practical
  • Internship in TV Production

Semester 6

  • In House production of Corporate and Business film (PRACTICAL)
  • Internship in real world cinema with eminent directors and production houses
  • Internship in Video/ Audio Post Production with eminent technicians and studios
  • Pre-visualization and designing of pitch to studios
  • Degree Film

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