Key Points To Select Best BBA Colleges In Your City

BBA or Bachelor in Business Administration is that undergraduate course which is most effective when delivered with enough practical experience rather than just the theoretical lectures.


Currently, in India, there are more than enough graduates but almost 50% of them are unemployable. Companies nowadays want to hire freshers who have at least some amount of industry exposure so that they don’t need to spend time on training the employee from scratch.


However, such employees are countable in number and the real issue behind the problem is that our process of education doesn’t involve enough practical industry exposure.


BBA can be a really good course if a student is allowed to experience that exposure during the three years in his college. And hence, selecting BBA isn’t the only right decision for your future but selecting the right BBA College is most important.


Now how would you know if a college would be the right one for you? Let us guide you in that regard.


The faculty for management studies – The faculty members of the college should have proper industry experience. Professional courses are successful only when they are taught by people who were or are professionals.


Check out the events they organize – Events are important for a college. It provides a student with a platform to reveal their talents in front of the world. Events also help them to work as volunteers, encourage their management skills and boost their confidence.


The placement assistance they provide – Placement assistance is obviously to be looked at properly before taking admission. There are some colleges who have successfully placed their BBA students in credible organizations and they ended up doing better than MBA pass outs.


Number of industry visits they offer you – Industry visits or field visits to factories, publishing or printing houses, news channels, power centres or any other business centre always help students to understand how work is done at the ground level. They get to observe and experience the work environment and the different level of production or processes involved. This enriches their knowledge about the sector.


Internship opportunities – Check out the companies the college ties up with for internships. Good brands for the internship will mean good placements after passing out.


Opportunities for practical exposure – Hands-on experiences are very important in case of BBA. The students along with the theoretical programs should be given opportunities to transform the theoretical knowledge or their own skills into practical business plans. This will ensure a great potential in the student for his or her upcoming career.


Their grooming program – Preparing students for the corporate world is another herculean task. So a goos grooming program for the students is another essential feather that the college should have on their hat.


Top colleges for BBA in Kolkata offer you with these facilities. For example, iLEAD at Topsia in Kolkata conducts the most industry oriented BBA course.


Apart from following the MAKAUT course curriculum on BBA, they also provide their own exclusive add ons to the degree course which includes a foreign language course, a personality development course and a professional course on either Event Management or Photography or Digital Marketing. This enriches the student’s knowledge and also grooms him or her for the future corporate world.


So if you are opting for BBA, make sure you select the right college. Go through the top colleges for BBA in Kolkata and search for the best BBA colleges in Kolkata with fee structure, because the BBA becomes the absolutely right degree when it’s done from the right college.

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