Requirement of Real Estate Graduate as per Real Estate Developers in Kolkata

Kolkata, often projected as the gateway to the east, has witnessed some marveling architectural structures touching the skyline of the city in the last few years.

  1. Ideal Unique Centre at E. M. Bypass is a building having a crown that’s 25 meters tall at the top of its roof.
  2. The 42’ at Chowringhee is Eastern India’s tallest residential tower.
  3. Atmosphere’ at East Topsia, Kolkata, has the world’s first floating residential sky sculpture, 500 meters in the air. The structure connects the two 39 storey towers of the building and is known as ‘Deya’.
  4. Siddha Galaxia at Rajarhat will house the world’s longest jogger’s track on the skywalk named as ‘Starwalk’.

With more than a hundred projects either with the status of approval or under construction, Kolkata is now booming with exquisite and grand real estate projects.

The city’s skyline is seen lit with such stunning structures in the night time.

In the coming days, it is obvious that more of such grand and luxurious buildings will touch the skyline of the city. With the more and more global impact, the definition of ‘luxury’ is also changing in the urban scenario.

Demands are now high for architectural excellence, grand interiors, green living and serenity among the hustle bustle of the city culture.

With such growing demands with specifications in the real estate sector, a need for trained manpower in the sector is rising.

But there is a tremendous lack of trained manpower.

To come up with buildings that are globally competent and also to provide international standards to the customers in Kolkata, academically trained professionals are required by the real estate companies. And that’s where the new undergraduate program in real estate management plays an important role.

The real estate developers in Kolkata are in need of real estate graduates who are well aware of the real estate business, the legal and business regulatory framework, valuation, real estate approval, sanction and more.

Only good real estate courses can provide an individual with the required training and also make him or her industry ready during the course of the real estate management course.

A good real estate management course makes you learn –

  • Real Estate Valuation
  • The real estate development model
  • Real estate investment management
  • Green practices in real estate
  • Legal framework
  • Maintenance management
  • Real estate approval and sanction
  • Building materials and design
  • Materials management
  • Construction management
  • Real estate marketing
  • Brand building through CSR
  • Entrepreneurship in real estate
  • Affordable housing and space saving interiors

Also, a real estate management course can lead you to the following career options –

  • Real estate developer
  • Investment consultant
  • Housing officer
  • Estate manager
  • Facility manager
  • Project manager
  • Valuation expert
  • Town planner
  • Surveyor

The best part of real estate courses is that it prepares you as an entrepreneur too. It makes you understand the business well and also trains you to handle your finances and investments in a profitable manner.

It helps you not only to become an employee but also to become an employer, constructing a home for thousands and providing jobs to millions.

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