Media Industry growth report representing a bright future for youngsters

The media industry in India is growing at an enormous rate, as per the current data published by IBEF. As per statistics, the growth rate is much faster than the global average rate.

After digitizing the cable network, increasing the foreign direct investment in the sector to 100% and also granting the status of an industry by the government to the film industry – This growth rate is expected to increase further by 2023.

This growth report comes as good news for the youngster population of our country as it will open numerous doors of creative excellence and opportunities for them.

Depending upon their career choice, they can enroll themselves in a degree, diploma or certificate course in a film school. A passionate learner and a creative person for sure will not remain unemployed in the coming years in this sector.

Film schools have also upgraded their curriculum and teaching style as per the requirement of today’s digital era. With high-tech classrooms and modern teaching methods, the film institutes in Kolkata are excelling in delivering great learning experience to students as well as great professionals to the industry.

The following trends highlight the current and upcoming growth of the sector –

  1. Indian advertising sector is reported to be the fastest growing advertising sector in Asia after China.
  2. As per a FICCI report of March 2018, the Indian media and entertainment industry is expected to cross Rupees 2 trillion by the year of 2020 and grow at a compound annual growth rate of 11.6%
  3. As per 2012-18, consumption from the media industry in India has grown at the rate of 9%. It is 9 times more than that of USA and 2 times more than that of China.
  4. Indian’s current investment on advertisements is at Rs 608.30 billion. As per IBEF, the numbers are expected to get doubled by 2023.
  5. India’s media and entertainment industry is also termed as the ‘sunrise sector for the economy’ due to its current growth rate.
  6. The circulation of newspapers has also increased in the country by 40%
  7. The easy access to 3G and 4G networks have made internet cheap and accessible to millions increasing the consumption of digital content too.

As per predictions, the sectors of retail advertisement and e-commerce are gaining momentum in the country. These sectors will open doors to jobs as well to the youth in the coming days. The advertising sector, on the other hand, is expected to grow with double digits and it will require new ideas and creativity.

With such immense growth rate, the sector will see more investment and more job opportunities. And film institutes in Kolkata are just doing great at the moment in delivering the industry with excellent talents and professionals to continue the upward growth.

They are providing courses on digital marketing, animation graphics, management, media science, fashion technology, theatre studies, photography, event management topped with the opportunities of the entrepreneurship program, enhancing personality development and communication skills.

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