Quality Media institutes in Kolkata offering mass communication and journalism are best for girls

Girls have moved much forward in society and are now no less than boys in terms of their career and professional excellence. Girls always look for an educational institute where they can have a secure learning environment. They also look for a environment where girls are involved more in educational activities and have opportunity to make their mark in the industry. Amidst the various mass communication and journalism colleges, the college which is best for girls in terms of engaging them in various activities and focusing on their issues of socio economic development is undoubtedly iLEAD institute of Media and Management. iLEAD is one of those Journalism colleges in Kolkata which facilitates girls to develop their personality and leadership skills so that they can become entrepreneurs and work for the infrastructure development of the society. The institute of leadership, entrepreneurship and development pays special attention for the educational and professional development of the girls. This is done on their part by making girls participate in sports events, workshops, seminars, field visits, internships, conferences, live cultural programs, interactive discussion sessions, quiz programs and what not. The girls also provided the facility to play all kind of indoor and outdoor sports in the college campus. The girls are even given the opportunity to be part of the alumni and students council and be a part of the student administration. The girls are also involved in various in house writings so that they can develop their content and professional writing skills.

How iLEAD is the best journalism and mass communication college for girls in Kolkata ?

Girls get special attention in the institute both in terms of their academic and skill development. Most of the mentors in the Media Science department being women and the college administration being in the hands of women make it an ideal place for girl students. Apart from that the institute makes boys and girls receive the same amount of attention and involvement in varied kind of institutional activities. This helps the girls develop self confidence and create their own persona. The institute celebrates various women centric events to raise the girl power and make them instrumental in the development of the society. The classrooms of the institute along with the entire campus are also decorated with pictures and quotations of famous women personalities in the world of Media Sciences and also from the world of Managerial administration. This infuses the spirit amidst the girl students of the colleges to be Media and Management barons of competitive economy. The inspirational stories of women leaders told by the industry centric mentor of Media and Management also make the institute a perfect place for girls to learn the core principles of Mass Media. Mass Communication course in Kolkata is scheduled in such a way which emphasizes on the role of women leaders, managers and entrepreneurs in shaping the development architecture of the society.


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