Earning a degree in Media Science is the quickest option to get a secure job

Media studies is often seen as a loose subject with no academic rigor and scope of development  in comparison to academic cannons like – Mathematics, Physical Sciences,  Engineering, Medical sciences, Commerce, Accountancy, Business management.  Media is also visualized as a non serious subject by the critical academicians. The reality is that the postgraduates of media studies are in demand through all sorts of industries.  The real skill of a media student lies in the fact that they are expected to be well informed about the contemporary affairs and also a critical understanding of the media and mass communication. A portfolio of such kind attracts the industry more in terms of their public relations, marketing communication, printing and publishing, advertising, info tech enabled writing and other related areas. This reason makes the chance of getting a job for degree holder in Media Science higher. Awareness about the world of electronic and internet media also gives a media science student more attractive for industries operating electronic and cyber media.  Hand on experience and training in areas of digital audio/ video recording, editing equipments, interview filming, dialogue recording and putting together a written feature is also in great demand by the recruiters. BSc. in Media Science helps a candidate to acquire knowledge in new and social media through blogging activity and building up a following in Twitter.

Industries hire Media graduates because of their comprehensive skills

Media science graduates have a variety of options open to them in terms of their entry to the Business and Media world. The media science graduates can even pursue a career in theatre, multimedia and even in performing arts like films and new age media. The advertising and the marketing industry also extensively uses media science postgraduates for job roles like media planning, advertising account management, copy writing and marketing research. Other suitable career options in this regard include broadcasting, producing and presentation. Media postgraduates in this regard can also venture in the field of writing and other creative stuff for newspapers, magazines and other miscellaneous publications. Media science course in Kolkata focuses on making the communication and mass media graduates well conversant with all the departments of media and mass communication. The media professionals can also look out for careers in the field of media law, public administration, writing, filming and shorthand. Teaching is also one of the career avenues where a media science postgraduate can venture into for a great future. From the information technology point of view, the media science postgraduates can also work as graphic and web designers.  Photography and audio visual specialist are also the job roles which can be searched out by the media postgraduates in the contemporary scenario.

Media science has a bright future in terms of both profit and goodwill aspects. Today the scenario is such that conventional careers like engineering and medicine are not making the youth so much attractive like the challenging and glamorous field of media studies.


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