Aristocratic career in Communication and Entertainment industry with envious Media Science education

Mass Media has emerged as one of the top platforms for socio economic change. The people working in the communication, journalism and entertainment industry play a major role in shaping the opinions and consciousness of the society. The people of Media also help the people to solve the challenges they face in their social life. Today the scenario is such that Media Science students get equal prestige in the academic and professional world just like the professional accountants, lawyers, engineers, doctors and even govt. servants.  Media is a challenging field where determination and motivation go hand in hand to create a success story. This field has plethora of options which makes a candidate confident in this particular field. Mass media courses in Kolkata helps the students in media science get the right kind of job in the media and journalistic world with attractive salary packages.  Skills from a good media degree can be successfully used in several areas such as- media planner, multimedia specialist, program researcher, public relations officer, runner broadcasting, social media manager and television/ film/ video producer.  These are the jobs directly related to the degree. On the other hand the places where the master degree in media sciences  will be highly helpful are- advertising account executive, broadcast journalist, editorial assistant, event manager, information officer, magazine journalist, market researcher, web cum graphic designer and writer.  It should also be remembered in this case that many employers accept applications from graduates with any kind of graduate degree. So it’s not necessary to restrict in the areas discussed above. Gaining experience is critical in this field due to its rapidly growing popularity and mass acceptance.  Persistence and motivation are very vital in this field to make a strong foothold in this very uncertain world. Media curriculum is a great platform to make a strong career in this highly challenging field.

Great career in the Media fraternity through sharpening of communication and creativity skills

For gaining a solid experience and building up a strong portfolio of work, it is necessary for a media science master degree pass out to contact radio, television, newspaper, public relations firm, advertising agencies and search about the wide variety of opportunities present there in a scattered manner. Search for summer placements, part time and voluntary opportunities can also be searched in all kind of agencies dealing with mass communication and transactional mediums. MSc. media Kolkata curriculum helps a budding media student to explore varied opportunities in the field of media, mass communication and journalism. One can also get involved with the university radio stations, paper or publications offices. There are some master degree media programs running in the market which offer work placement with a particular media company or related organizations. This kind of opportunity helps a media science student in developing his practical and professional skills to make strong contacts within the industry. Media study postgraduates enter careers in media, culture and creative industries. The areas of work in this regard include television and radio, film and video, digital mediums of communication, computer gaming, journalism, writing and publishing, PR and media practices. Media curriculum helps an individual to choose from a plethora of careers. A big range of employers employ Media  postgraduates or Advanced Media Science students in  fascinating, challenging and emerging areas of socio-technical sciences such as-

  • Communication agencies dealing with advertising, public relations, media management, media strategy planning, print- publishing including content management
  • Civil service or Central government administration jobs related to Media, Broadcasting, Publication and Information technology enabled services
  • Higher educational institutions dealing with Journalism, Mass communication, Mass media and areas of Information technology applications in media sciences
  • Local government jobs dealing with Mass media, Media administration
  • Organizations dealing with Marketing and Business development of Media Production and Broadcasting agencies
  • Companies dealing in the Media, Communication and Entertainment industry
  • Magazine, Newspaper and other content publishing outlet industries
  • Public relations firm in public and private sectors for service concerns and manufacturing industries
  • Book and Periodical publishing companies
  • Television, Radio, Web and Digital platforms
  • Research agencies on Mass communication, Mass Media, Journalism, Info tech Media, Broadcasting, Entertainment and Communication industry
  • Online agencies and info tech enabled platforms working on varied aspects of Mass communication, Journalism, Content development for online portals, digital platforms and print publishing outlets

The salary in all the above mentioned profile is equivalent and in many cases more than the concrete professions like engineering, medicine, professional accounting, teaching, government services. Job and research opportunities are also highly exciting and competitive in this multidisciplinary field. Mass media courses in Kolkata help a budding media professional in getting the perfect job in the market and also getting a chance to be a major agent of socio economic development.   Sumon chakrabarti, Author bio :- suman Professional writer, compiler and translator for major English publishing houses in management, commerce, humanities, social sciences, technology, general sciences and miscellaneous subjects. Faculty, content writer and developer of major tutorial homes and info tech enabled platforms in technology, management, commerce, social sciences, humanities, general sciences and professional studies. Chandigarh kala Kendra classical music-vocal degree holder. Stood first in professional English communication and writing from British Institute. Occasional singer and performer of modern and film songs in Bengali and Hindi. All India youth mock parliament and Ramcharitmanas recitation winner. Alumni of Bhavans institute of management science and contributor in publications of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan society.

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