Communication and Entertainment industry offers fascinating careers through innovative post graduation education in Media Sciences

Mass communication and Journalism along with the entire domain of Media Sciences has taken the entire knowledge world to a new frontier. The area of Media Sciences has contributed the maximum in the development of socio economic architecture apart from advances in Science and Technology. The demand of advanced Media Sciences has also increased due to rapid amalgamation of mass media platforms with all branches of knowledge and professional activities. Today Business, Arts, Science, Social sectors. Technology, Administration and Management are all handicapped without the proper support and dynamic architecture of Media and Mass communication platforms. The Media today has evolved as the strongest weapon in the hands of human beings after technology to eradicate the problems of human beings and their social environment. Masters degree in Media gives students competitive advantage both in the academic and professional world. Every activity in human world needs the pivotal tools of communication and solutions of social and economic environment. These solutions become easy with the pioneering role of Mass Media in society. Media is undoubtedly the most happening thing in the world now. It is undoubtedly the strongest platforms of disseminating information and making an affirmative change in the society. It is even a potent tool of finding solutions of issues, problems and challenges which encounter the life of common man and the society at large. Mass media colleges in Kolkata are targeted on creating media professionals who can take the burden of society and try to find out solutions of socio economic issues pervading the framework of human life and his environment.  This is the very reason that this profile should be taken into consideration from a serious perspective where the media professionals are working as social reformers. Media working in multiple languages in countries with diverse cultures is undoubtedly a huge and profitable industry. The share of subscriptions and advertising revenue from the media industry is undoubtedly on a constant rise. The vast Indian media and allied entertainment industry is making a phenomenal growth in the entire economic framework of the country.  The inclusion of internet in this field as a major mode of entertainment and content dissemination and has even increased the growth of the media industry. MSC media program fully capitalizes the boom in the media industry to generate students who are eligible in coping up with the challenges of the vast media world.

Why should Media Science students take their career seriously in the booming world of Journalism and Mass communication?

Media holds a special position as the highest spending and fastest growing digital advertising platform globally. MSC media Kolkata program is generating a pool of talents for the media industry who will be contributing greatly in the media and entertainment world. The foreign direct investment inflows in the information and broadcasting sector have also increased at a magnificent rate. All this statistics definitely helps a buzzing media professional to explore multifarious career in this fascinating field. Media curriculum is the best platform to learn relevant skills required for the contemporary and highly challenging media industry. The government initiative of increasing the foreign direct investment rate for media and entertainment industry has brought a strong collaboration of international media platforms with national media agencies. Television and print medium will still be the largest contributor of advertising industry. The film industry is also growing at a massive rate both in terms of advertising and box office collections. Any serious student of media sciences and allied areas will capitalize this phase of boom in this industry and place themselves in a very good position. Mass media colleges are truly the right platform for making it really big and happening in this glamorous and socially committed industry of communication, instruction, entertainment and socio-economic and administration reforms.   Sumon chakrabarti, Author bio :- suman Professional writer, compiler and translator for major English publishing houses in management, commerce, humanities, social sciences, technology, general sciences and miscellaneous subjects. Faculty, content writer and developer of major tutorial homes and info tech enabled platforms in technology, management, commerce, social sciences, humanities, general sciences and professional studies. Chandigarh kala Kendra classical music-vocal degree holder. Stood first in professional English communication and writing from British Institute. Occasional singer and performer of modern and film songs in Bengali and Hindi. All India youth mock parliament and Ramcharitmanas recitation winner. Alumni of Bhavans institute of management science and contributor in publications of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan society.

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