Creating Socio economic development agents through revolutionary Management Science curriculum

Bachelors in Business Administration or graduation degree in Management of resources and organization with strong emphasis on business and economic environment administration is one of those unique areas of modern education system. This academic degree and professional weapon has been able to be a problem solver of all sorts of socio economic and governance issues of states and the entire world. The entire economic, commercial, administrative and technical machinery has truly become handicapped without the overall managerial or organizational administration machinery. This organizational machinery is run by efficient managers who are skilled in technical and socio-psycho aspects of administration of organizational and managerial resources. The first stepping stone into the challenging and rewarding world of management comes with fetching a golden BBA degree from a prestigious Management or Business School. Technology and Management are two major pillars of knowledge upon which the entire future of human civilization. This is because the three basic necessities of life that is food, clothes and house are possible through Money. Money in turn comes from employment in productive sectors. Technology is the application of scientific principles to make living easy and comfortable. Management on the other hand is the dynamics of keeping the technology sustainable and under control. The amalgamation of Technology and Management began with the birth of rapid industrialization and development of complex Management theories. Technology management as a subject was born which became a set of Management disciplines which allowed organizations and business enterprise to manage their technical base for creating competitive advantage. BBA colleges in Kolkata makes Management Science learning a potent toll for transformation of personality and professional orientation of life. The areas which the working world can benefit from the right mixture of Technology and Management through quality BBA curriculum includes-

  • Technological strategy which deals with the logic or role of technology in organization
  • Technology forecasting for identification of relevant possible technologies for the organization through the process of technology scouting
  • Technology road mapping for understanding Business and Market needs through Technologies
  • Technology project portfolio and Technology portfolio for a set of projects under development and a set of technologies in use

How has BBA course used Management and Technology amalgamations to build leaders and entrepreneurs?

Management is the social science of managing resources like men, material, machines, market and methods. Technology on the other hand is the application of scientific principles for creating practical purpose products especially for Industry.  The role of technology management in any working and productive sector is valuable for the customer. The target of Technology Management function in an organization is to analyze when should an organization invest or withdraw from a particular or host of technologies. Most of the experts in Management theory associate Technology Management with the quantitative areas of Management like –

  • Production and Operations Management
  • Project Management
  • Ergonomics, Heuristics, Meta heuristics, Time, Work and Motion Studies
  • Quantitative techniques and Operations Research
  • Materials Management which includes aspects of Engineering Economics and Accounting
  • Business Analytics and Data warehousing cum mining
  • Computer applications in Business and Management information systems
  • Total quality management and Statistical quality control
  • Industrial engineering and Management
  • Business and Managerial economics
  • Financial engineering and Financial Risk Management
  • International Marketing and World trade
  • Supply chain, logistics, distribution and transportation management
  • Knowledge management
  • Change management
  • Managerial dynamics and relationship management
  • Business, Managerial, Organizational and Functional information system


This fact is not fully true because the qualitative areas of Management have also employed technology and managerial amalgamations for creating new benchmarks in the areas of Organizational Behavior, Human resource management, Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship, Organizational and Business communication and many more areas. BBA course Kolkata benefits the society and economy by creating leaders, entrepreneurs and development agents who could solve the challenges of society, economy and administration. Management and technology amalgamations has also given birth to very interesting disciplines which lie at the border region of both quantitative and cognitive areas of knowledge. The areas in this regard are Technological forecasting, Managerial futurology, Innovation Management, Industrial Engineering, Engineering Management and Dominant design. The Research and Development division of service sectors and manufacturing industries have greatly benefitted from Technology and Management amalgamations. Consistent innovations in Product, Service and Work Culture Development have made Technology and Management truly indispensable for each other in all functional realms of life.


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