Unending career opportunities for Management students in all sorts of professional working environment

BBA is one of those leading professional degree which can make any sort of high school pass out student get well placed in any kind of industry. Science, Arts and Commerce background students can flourish in this sophisticated and adventurous field with equal ease. All sorts of service and manufacturing sector companies need graduate Business and Organizational managers to control and operate their functional departments. The functional verticals in this regard include- Finance, Marketing, Human resource, Production and Operation, Systems and the list is just endless. Industry specific BBA programs in Real estate, Event Management, Digital marketing, entrepreneurship, Healthcare, Media, Hospitality, Industrial management are also highly employable in all leading working bodies in the socio economic environment. BBA is also a professional program which offers the facility of summer corporate internship to get exposure to the real world activities of an organization dynamic in society and economy.  Degree course in Business administration is designed for catering managerial and executive level jobs for the students. This particular curriculum opens wide options for the students in the fields of Commerce, Trade and Industry. BBA colleges in Kolkata admission help students to venture into diverse career options which make his life take a leap in the top league.

Top BBA colleges in Kolkata helps a student of Business administration to explore a plethora of options in the diverse Management field.  It also helps to create a solid foundation for further education in the fields of Finance, Marketing, International Business, Sales, Management accounting, Project management, Entrepreneurship, Business and Management research etc.  After completion of the 3 year program, the student can either start his own business or can get placed into different organization according to his specific skills. The biggest advantage of doing a BBA degree lies in the fact that a student doing this degree is open to get both public sector and private sector jobs.  Excellent pay scale is also provided by the organizations to the candidates who have a strong grasp on the subject as well as excellent communication skills. There are also quite a good number of options for the BBA student to even venture in any kind of conventional jobs searched by thousand of candidates.

Intellectually challenging, economically profitable and secured job roles for Business Management graduates in Industry

Industries look for candidates who have the ability to control and manage organizational resource present in the working environment. The major corporations working in diverse sectors of economy search for candidates who have a perfect balance of qualitative and quantitative skills. BBA graduates mmet the standards and requirements of diverse industries because of their multidisciplinary approach to  learning where they are not biased to any technical  or commercial approach of studying. BBA education teaches the perfect art of blending theory with practice. Qualitative and quantitative skills along with the abilities of leadership, entrepreneurship, development, control, planning, coordination, decision making, strategic policy making and risk management keeps BBA candidates far ahead of other graduates in Science, Engineering, Medicine, Commerce, Law, Humanities and Social sciences. Corporate and private jobs are better known for their competitive advantage and better pay scale in comparison to government jobs. The factor of job stability is more in government sectors though consistent performance can also help to get a strong grip in the corporate sector.  The living standards and the family advantages are also more in the private sectors. The most common private sector jobs open for BBA students comprise-

  • Advertising and sales promotion industry in the profiles of sales manager, business development manager, channel sales manager, product and service manager, sales promotion manager, sales support manager, sales demonstration manager, sales and marketing planning manager etc.
  • Banking and finance industry in the profile account opening manager, fund manager, investment manager, financial planning executive, business development manager, treasury manager and many more such profiles
  • Insurance and Actuary industry in the profiles of risk manager, financial service executive, fund and working capital manager
  • FMCG and commodity goods industry in the profile of retail manager, franchise manager, supply chain manager, distribution manager, dealership manager
  • Hospitality and Tourism industry in the profiles of floor manager, hospitality executive, front office operations
  • Consumer durables industry in the profiles of corporate accounting executive, client relationship management, business development, sales marketing executive
  • IT companies industry in the profiles of systems manager, database manager and other related profiles in managerial and business information administration system
  • Advisory and consultancy firms in the profile of research, development and learning manager
  • Media houses in the profile of media manager, creative head
  • Entertainment Industry in the profiles of media content manager, media planner, media advertising executive, media finance and accounting executive, media human resource manager, media production and operation manager, media strategy and project manager
  • Government organizations and public sector undertaking in the profiles of varied organizational resource manager, research and development manager, material and supply chain manager, transport and logistics manager, project and strategy manager etc.

Public sector firms also take a huge amount of BBA students in their organization. It even provides a lot of working outline where the Business administration graduates can fit themselves.  The most preferred public sector firm for BBA student is definitely banking sector and manufacturing industry. Institutions like insurance, mutual funds, investment banking, share and stock market are also government sector job options in the hands of the undergraduate students of Business Administration. Skill and experience of the candidate lifts them to senior position where they are assigned the job of decision making and play a strong role in the growth of the organization. The BBA graduates passing out from prestigious management colleges are expert in handling and dealing with the areas of marketing, finance, human resource, law, strategy, entrepreneurship, leadership and development.

BBA colleges in Kolkata admission help a management student to explore a diverse form of options in the industry dealing with trade, commerce, industry and even technical industries.


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