Business Administration career opens doors to a bright future through world class Management Science education

Management education not only develops professional career but also the orientation of human mind, personality, character and consciousness towards and the challenges present in the socio economic environment. Business administration education is undoubtedly the portal to all kind of resource management jobs in diverse formats of working architecture. Organizational and Business Management students are in great demand to handle the operations of varied departments of an organization. Employers coming from varied sectors of economy hunt for Business school graduates to efficiently control and coordinate their enterprise. BBA colleges in Kolkata admission ensure the fact that the future of Indian Management student is bright in the job market.

Sectors holding great promise for Business Management and Administration students


The major disciplines of Business Administration which prove that there is a great future of Indian Management students includes the following-

  • Marketing areas like sales, distribution, business development
  • Finance areas like corporate finance, banking, investments, financial markets
  • International Business areas like world trade, derivatives and risk management, international finance management
  • Operations Management areas like strategic management, project management, customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning
  • HR Management areas like recruitment, industrial relations, labor laws, employment and compensation administration, human resource and organizational development
  • Retail Management areas like FMCG, FMCD and other essential commodity goods
  • Business aspects of Media management
  • Sales along with Marketing areas like channel sales development, online merchandising, dealership, franchising
  • Social entrepreneurship areas like NGO development for socio economic development
  • Real estate management areas like real estate finance, real estate marketing, real estate project management
  • Healthcare management areas like hospital management, medical and paramedical services management and even healthcare finance, human resource, marketing aspects etc.
  • Public systems management like administration of organizations which are under government undertaking in terms of their strategy, operations, marketing, finance, research and development etc.
  • Industrial engineering and management areas like organizational behavior, personnel management, managerial accounting, operational decisional aspects of management, managerial statutory compliances and control functionaries
  • Teaching and research in areas of ergonomics, heuristics, operations research, managerial statistics, total quality management
  • Managerial jobs in Manufacturing industries in departments of production, operations, supply chain, logistics, stores, purchase, inventory, material management


  • Industry specific Management job areas like- Digital Marketing, Aviation, Hospitality, Travel and Tourism, Financial Markets, Wealth Management, Engineering and Technology Management.


All functional sectors of professional world are controlled by strong management and administrative architecture. This makes the field of Management and Decisional Sciences and its application in the field of Business administration booming in terms of career scope and revenue aspects.  The vast increase of multifunctional industries in the Indian market has created enormous jobs in the Managerial and Executive positions.

Top BBA colleges in Kolkata with their wide variety of specialization in the Business Administration fields helps the Management students to make a good market in all kinds of job market.  The collaboration of top companies with premier Business schools has created a huge opportunity for Management students to work with organizations from all over the world. It can be well inferred from our discussion .The future of a Management student is always bright irrespective of all kinds of economic depressions in the job market due to the importance of Management machinery in executing any kind of commercial, socio economic, administrative and commercial activity. The massive growth and penetration of organizations in all functional sectors of socio economic architecture and Business environment has also made the field of Management sciences and Business administration indispensable for the overall growth of human civilization.


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