Scintillating career in Journalism through Media Science degree from iLEAD

Journalism and Mass communication has evolved as the modern faces of social sciences. These are the two areas which have amalgamated with various other disciplines of technology, management, humanities and performing arts to form the vast branch of Media Sciences. Media has also played its role as an instrument and catalyst for socio economic change. Journalism is one of those pillars which have molded the subject of Mass Media for the welfare of the common man and the overall society. Journalism stands on the concept of analyzing, compiling and disseminating news, views, issues, facts, data and information for the betterment of the people in various social strata. Best colleges for Mass communication in Kolkata is the ideal platform for getting benefits out of the field of journalism as a career option. The educational infrastructure of iLEAD as a top class Media institute makes students fully prepared for a career in the glamorous and challenging world of journalism. Journalism as a career option needs both creative skills as well as proper analytical ability of the challenges of the socio economic environment. The iLEAD institute takes full care of the fact that the students pursuing Media Sciences and aspiring to become a journalist can get the full academic and industry centric support.

What are the benefits of completing career in Journalism from iLEAD?

The academic pedagogy of the institute is created in such a manner that the students of Media Sciences get comprehensive idea about the world of Journalistic dynamics. TheĀ  nine major benefits of completing career in Journalism from iLEAD includes-

  • Training module for soft and life skills with focus on personality development which helps in developing journalistic abilities
  • Foreign language course which helps in gaining command over international communication and journalism
  • Field trips, internships and live projects helps the students aspiring for journalism profile get proper idea of the real world journalistic dynamics
  • Participation in co curricular and extracurricular activities makes the students understand the spirit and competitiveness required in the challenging and tiresome field of journalism
  • Specialization in Print media helps the students to understand the field of journalism in totality with full academic and practical depth
  • Opportunity to earn while learning by getting employed in journalistic profile for a print, electronic or new media platform
  • Global connectivity in the world of journalism through internship and placements with brands who deal exclusively with the field of journalism
  • Industry experience and corporate exposure with diverse forms f organization dealing with different forms of journalism
  • The entire campus is filled with books, street library, book shops and many other learning artifacts related to the endless and adventurous world of journalism

Journalism colleges in Kolkata like iLEAD is the best platform for creating a concrete career in the fascinating world of Journalism and News media.


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