Quality jobs in Mass Media after securing degree in Mass Communication

Mass communication is a very dynamic discipline where an individual can acquire both creative and technical skills. This is also one of those academic areas where one can make a concrete career in terms of handsome salary and good professional growth. The field of mass communication offers job opportunities in all kinds of industries that are in both service sectors and manufacturing industries. The impact of mass communication in the society has transformed from being an information agent to a catalyst of socio economic development. MSc. Kolkata is the ideal platform to get wonderful job opportunities in varies profiles of mass media. Mass communication mediums like television, newspapers, radio, advertising, public relations, new media etc. Internet is changing the age old dynamics of the mass communication platforms. The skill required to become a successful mass communication professional is the ability to sell and merchandize. All rounder individuals with strong people skills and strong command over spoken languages is a prerequisite to become a successful mass media executive. Determination to take challenges and the spirit to solve the obstacles of socio economic environment makes an ideal person for the field of mass communication

Wide array of jobs after having degree in Mass communication

The current academic scenario is such that more and more professional courses are replacing pure academic courses in higher and advanced modes of education. Mass communication is one of those fields which has gained equal stature and importance in higher academics just like Natural Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, Law, Chartered accounting and even Business Administration. Mass communication offers numerous job roles in administrative, technical and creative profiles in all outlets of communication and information synthesis. The major job profiles which can be acquired by a Mass communication degree holders includes the challenging and competitive areas of-

  • Advertising and sales promotion including product and service marketing communication
  • Disc Jockey- mixing recording tapes including sales and distribution of record mixes
  • Film making- Documentary, short films for televisions and digital films for web media
  • Journalism- Making information accessible to the public through communication platforms
  • Public relations- Organizational information passing to the public
  • Publishing and printing of print and online audio visual content
  • Radio jockeying and broadcasting
  • Video jockeying and editing
  • Content writing for online platforms and professional writing for publishing houses which includes books, reference texts, study materials, academic assignments and periodicals
  • Careers in Media management profiles in the areas of media content planning, analysis and development

Mass communication courses in Kolkata is the ideal platform to secure an industry centric degree in the all pervading field of Mass Media.


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