Media Science opens fascinating career opportunities in communication, entertainment, broadcasting and information processing industry

Broadcasting, Media Management, Journalism, and Digital communication offer fascinating career opportunities both in technical and creative section. Today a degree in Media Sciences has acquired a stature equal to any graduate degree in Science, Commerce, Humanities, Engineering, Medicine, Law and even Professional accounting or Public services. Media science is a vast field which encompasses both creative and technical aspects of communication, entertainment and information dissemination. For enhancing career in this challenging field, it is necessary to gain both theoretical and practical insights of this unique area of socio technical sciences. From the point of view of theoretical aspects, a student of Media science should study all kind of literature related to current affairs, social sciences and literature to get a solid background of the environment in which the Media architecture works. The focus of theoretical learning should be on gaining higher order thinking skills rather than just mugging up facts and information. Books of both foreign and Indian authors should be consulted to gain an understanding of what is actually happening in Media research and development in National and International level. From the practical point of view, Media is a popular field which catches the attention of all strata of society. Real life experience is also essential in this regard where the Media student needs to visualize the working dynamics of print and electronic media machinery. The student of Mass communication and Media Sciences needs to be always motivated and persistent in his gaining knowledge about the field and applying it consistently with accurateness. BSc. Kolkata in Media Studies helps a student to enhance his career in the fields of Mass communication, Journalism, Media Management, Public Relations, Advertising, Radio, Television, Cinema, Digital and new media and in many more such challenging fields of communication, entertainment and information processing.

Scintillating Media Science careers in Communication, Broadcasting, Journalism and News Media, Information technology enabled services, Print-Online Publishing and Entertainment industry

Gaining right experience and building up a strong portfolio is essential for creating a great career in the field of Traditional Media, Journalism, Entertainment, Information technology, new media, Media management, Advertising and Public relations, Mass communication and other allied fields. BSc. in Media Science helps a candidate to directly contact and interact with the major radio stations, Television channels, newspaper publishing houses, Print and online content publishing industry which includes the book- periodical publishing houses and the info tech companies publishing online content. Public Relations firms and Advertising agencies are also the platforms where the students of Media Sciences can visit and understand their dynamics for working with them. Creative writing is also a field which can be chosen by the Media students through direct interactions with the Media production houses which need creative writers to write features, reports, scripts and many more creative areas of content writing. The Media science student can even look out for summer placements, part time and voluntary opportunities while doing their course in Media. The students of Media should always look out for opportunities for getting involved in University radio stations, paper and publications house etc. There are some Media Science curriculums which offer the opportunity to undertake work placements with a Media or related Mass communication organization. This is the best way for a Media student to develop practical and professional skills and make industry contacts for getting a good grip in the Media and Journalism job market.


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