Great communication abilities and intense feeling of social change makes Mass communication study fruitful

High school students of present age look for glamorous careers where they can get handsome salary and can even a challenging career. Media Science is one of those fields which make a student prepared for all kind of jobs in the market. This is because the course teaches all kinds of skills required to make a mark in the professional world. Media has relationship with Business, Management, Technology, Social Sciences, Humanities and Performing arts. This makes the field inculcate qualitative, cognitive, humanitarian and technical skills in an individual. To enter the field of Journalism, Media Sciences and Mass communication, one should have certain attributes to enter this field. The mentality of entering the field of Mass Media most importantly includes the attributes of communication, leadership, entrepreneurship, development and nose for news, ability to analyze news, information, views and issues. The most important thing before studying the glamorous and challenging field of Media Sciences is to understand the problems of society and economy and solve them through the tools of Media Science through the administrative and judicial bodies. Mass communication colleges in Kolkata has their personal screening tests through which they filter out the best students apt for this dynamic and deviant curriculum.

What kind of student can study Mass communication after completing high school?

Mass communication is a subject which requires a perfect blend of creativity, innovation, common sense and technicality. The qualities which are required to study mass communication after high school includes the attributes of-

  • Inquisitive mind
  • Strong will power
  • Aptitude for presenting information in an accurate, concise and effective manner
  • Organizing thoughts
  • Clear expression in oral and writing mode
  • Tactfulness and confidence
  • Organizing interview of people from all walks of life
  • Ability to sift relevant facts from the irrelevant part
  • Ability to accept criticisms and the willingness to do considerable rewriting
  • Interest in all kinds of human activities and events dealing with varied areas like- politics, business, crime, heath, law, education, science and technology, business, commerce and industry
  • Ability of elocution, group discussion, debate, interactive analysis and corporate presentation
  • Idea about the role of technological platforms in Media and mass communication
  • Ability to use both the technical and social aspect of the field in a conscientious manner
  • Love to take challenges in all kinds of fields of life
  • Idea of the various facets of mass communication applicable in society which includes- reporting, writing, editing, photography, broadcasting, cable casting news, print journalism and electronic journalism
  • Capability of handling pressure and ability to meet the deadlines
  • Understanding of the global media and communication scenario and the work done by them for the development of the society and bridge the gap between the common man and the administrative personnel.
  • Clear cut idea about how managerial dynamics and principles of social sciences plays a major role in formulating the philosophy and strategy of media dynamics

Mass communication and Journalism in Kolkata is the platform through which the right kind of students enters the challenging field of mass media to contribute in development of society and common man.


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