Media Sciences as a top career option for eligibility flexibility and economic course fees

Media Sciences is one of those bright career options which are profitable both for its eligibility and course fee point of view. The basic eligibility criteria for any Media Science course is to get minimum 50 percent marks or above in Higher secondary examination or equivalent examination with English as a compulsory subject. The eligibility in this regard is also dependent on the provisional admission depending on the selection test scores of the Media Institute. The Media Institute takes the test on the areas of English language, Reasoning, General Knowledge and Media awareness. The course fee in Media Science varies according to the infrastructure and ranking of the institute in the educational surveys. The course fees ranges from 3 lakh to 5 lakhs. Media Sciences also judges the ability of students through testing the creative acumen and innovative idea generation. Media Science is also a course with great returns where the students in between the course get the opportunity of earning through getting placed with a top class media centric organization. This helps the students to make a mark in the market and increase his salary after completion of the course. BSc. Kolkata offers Media Science with flexible eligibility scheme and economic course fees for the benefit of all categories of students willing to enter this glamorous yet challenging world.

How an eligibility and course fee plays a major role in getting admitted in top Media colleges?

Every student dreaming to make a big career in the Media, Communication and Entertainment industry needs concrete knowledge in Mass media. Good knowledge in the entire stream of Journalism and Mass communication is necessary to be dynamic in this highly competitive industry. Mass communication colleges in Kolkata is the best platform to gain concrete command over the broad and subtle nuances of this highly interesting field. The eligibility and course fees plays a important role in getting selected with the top Media Colleges of the town. Today the scenario is such that even top Media schools are providing flexible eligibility criteria and course fees so that students can enter this unexplored realm of fascinating knowledge. The top Media Schools even offer extra classes to students for making them get the full value of their investment in mass media education. The extra classes in Media sciences apart from the regular study areas includes the interesting, challenging and constantly widening fields of-

  • Soft skills related to Media communication
  • Foreign language related to International Media management
  • Media leadership , development and entrepreneurship skills
  • Real estate and Media
  • Event management
  • Photography
  • Digital marketing
  • Digital Film making
  • Animation, multimedia and visual effects

The course fees in Media Science course is distributed in certain economic heads which makes the entire educational payment system transparent. The economic heads include-

Registration fees, Admission fees, Examination fees, library and audio visual fees, uniform fees, training for placement, studio fees, training for placement, security and library deposit

The entire field of Media Science is now in the hands of students through education in top Media institutes which require no stupendous eligibility criteria and course fees.


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