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Nature has several valuable things stored in its endless reservoir. It is only the eyes of a creative and curious photographer who could catch the subtle nuances of this mysterious nature. Artistic sense in a photographer is essential but it is not everything. Photography course in Kolkata is designed on recent trends of artistic aspects of taking a perfect photo. Photography needs strict observation of a particular moment of time and captures it in its fullest details.  Art forms in the other hand like painting and drawing is sheer rendering of what an artist chooses to see.  It is really a matter of debate whether photography itself can be described as an art form or not. Analyzing this particular issue from all aspects it can be inferred that art is basically a subjective biased interpretation of the artist’s subject. The choice of subject in this regard is largely irrelevant.  It is obviously the biased interpretation which makes things interesting things and unique. Photography blends artistic skills and the ability of visual capture to generate a sound photographer. Artists always try their level best to show the unique vision of a scene which provokes a reaction from the viewer. They make the audience visualize a scene and execute it in such a way which engages the viewer. The skill in this regard lies in translating an idea to a finished product in the medium of the artist choice.

Is there any real artistic value in photography?

It is really a very challenging matter to compare photography with painting or sculpture. It is also very hard for anybody to visualize artistic value in photography when nearly identical copies can be created of the same image. Photography can never be identical to a painting piece. In contemporary times, when digital photography is in the air anybody and everybody can become a photographer. Even in case of mobile phone where photos are taken and uploaded in varied mediums of social networking sites, the natural magic of photography has just been lost. In this regard it is very hard to justify photography as a pure art form. Media Science course in Kolkata creates a platform where one can learn the nuances of real time photography both from the aspects of natural and modern digital tool based image collection and capturing.

Influence of art in photography

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In spite of all the mega innovations of digital technology, photography can be still viewed as an art form. Art greatly influences in selecting those special moments which have an aesthetic value for capturing in photography. Landscape and portrait images in photography when carefully observed portray the influence of painting on them. The influence of art is apparent in all kinds of photographic works. The difference lies in the fact that some artistic influence in photography is visible and some are very subtle and not always visible. Photography emphasizes on making students appreciate the role of art in photography and also on understanding the major difference in photography and art forms. Technical and artistic skills make photography an applied form of art where common sense, critical thinking play a great role in making several moments of life memorable. Art is abstract while photography is highly concrete and real. The impact of art on photography and vice versa varies from situation to situation.

Photography equips the budding students and professionals with the latest technologies which make them aesthetically as well as technically sound to capture all the facets of photography in hard core reality.


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