B schools gives complete guidance to students before selecting Organizational Management as a career option

Career is undoubtedly the vital entity of any individual in life. High school completion creates a challenge in the minds of the students to choose their path of future and advanced study. Amidst several challenging career options in the field of Engineering, Medicine, Accounting, Law, Hospitality, Defense, Public sector services, Creative and Performing Arts, BBA is an area which is the most sought after by the youth of today. The reason behind this is the fact that there is a proper infrastructure of career counseling which guides students of the benefits of doing a BBA and the harms of not doing it. BBA colleges Kolkata has the infrastructure which gives complete guidance to students before they choose BBA as their possible career option. The guidance provided in this regard tries to make the students understand the skills required to pursue this program and the personality required to make a strong professional life after completion of this powerful professional degree. The specialized mentors dealing with BBA counseling help the students understand that whether their personality and approach towards professional world matches the characteristic traits required to pursue a BBA program successfully. The program of BBA is created in such a manner which generates a fine blend of decision making, quantitative, qualitative, strategic, entrepreneurial, leadership and socio economic and self development skills.

Strategies adopted by Business schools in judging the suitability of a candidate willing to pursue an Organizational Management program

The Business schools conduct group discussion, personalized interview sessions and written aptitude tests to judge the merit of the students. The written test focuses on measuring the ability of students on the pillars of knowledge which work as a background for the study of Business Administration. The written comprise of objective questions on the areas of English language, Data analysis and reasoning, Quantitative aptitude and General Knowledge including the Current Affairs. The students qualifying in this round are then sent to the group discussion session where they have to discuss on a socio economic aspect in a group. This judges the leadership, communication and organizational skills of the students. The students clearing the round of group discussion are then sent to the personalized interview round where they are judged individually about their acumen on management and people centric skills and also on their skills of decision and strategy making. All these tests helps the B schools to evaluate the appropriateness of a candidate in becoming a complete management professional who also inherits the seeds of becoming an entrepreneur and thereby become a development agent of the socio economic environment. Top colleges for BBA in Kolkata has a definite plan of action to select the best candidates for Business management program through their personalized screening methods. Some B schools even judge the merit of BBA aspirants by giving them tasks which test their ability of planning, control, coordination, supervision and execution. BBA is undoubtedly one of those fields where a candidate willing to become a business manager or entrepreneur can judge thyself that whether he is suitable for this extremely competitive and professional educational program which teaches life skills and the art of generating a concrete economy with a dynamic society.


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