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It is very true that you do not need any film making degree to make a commercial film or parallel film in actual reality.  Still both film making degrees or degrees in media science help an individual to understand the intricacies of making a film which requires both creative and technical skills. Master degree in media sciences undoubtedly is a comprehensive platform understanding the media of cinema. A student pursuing a master’s degree in media scope has a lot of scope making a film while pursuing as a studies both in the time of his project session as well as in times of internship in between the semesters. Media college Kolkata enables an individual and gives them a chance to make a film like the real film directors. Film history, film making, film theory and criticism are taught in a practical mode which makes a media student very easy to grasp the subtle elements of making a complete film.

Students even study about the blockbuster films of the major film industries of the world which gives them an idea of a successful film and its varied components and themes. Screenwriting, critiquing and direction concepts help an individual ample scope to make a film while pursuing the course. Quality MSC media Kolkata curriculum helps a master’s degree student of media science the right path to make either a commercial film or art house film.

Practical film making skills makes the course suitable for candidates to make films while studying

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Masters degree in media science gives practical film making skills to a student to grasp the complete theory and practice of film studies. Scientific angle of studying films as well as analyzing them from specialized orientation helps students to make film very easily while studying the curriculum. Camera operation and footage editing also gives an extra dimension to this curriculum.  Skill development in all these areas makes students attractive about the varied facets of the showbiz business and its creative entity. Media college Kolkata focuses on the fact that the students pursuing the master degree program in media science are able to make a film while pursuing the image. The qualities attained through this curriculum creates the urge of making films through good research, communication skills, critical thinking , project management and even the ability of managing time.  While pursuing a media science course masters degree level it is not always mandatory to make a commercial or art house film. The student can even make films related to business, advertising, marketing and communication. The film can also be in the form of documentaries and short films. MSC media Kolkata gives a hand in experience of the technology of making a film in reality. Overall the pursuant of master’s degree course in media science is well conversant in all the major concepts of film studies and is knowledgeable of using film as a potential media of social and commercial communication. From contemporary perspectives, it surely remarked that a student studying masters in media science can make a film while studying the curriculum.

Media college Kolkata truly helps a budding film maker in realizing the spirit and dynamics of making a cinema which requires a curious blend of men, machines and methods.


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