Mass Media schools in Kolkata makes Film studies a great career option

Film Studies is a major and integral part of any Media Science or Mass communication curriculum. Today the film Industry is one of the leading contributors of both national and global economy. Films are also one of the dominant channels of raising socio economic issues and searching for their comprehensive solutions. A graduate degree in Film studies can either be done separately or inside the curriculum of Media Sciences for keeping the first foot in the dynamic and glamorous movie making industry. BSc. Media Academy Kolkata helps the Media science students explore plethora of options in the Film and Entertainment Industry. The curriculum of Film Studies provides with the right combination of theoretical and practical skills which are transferable to a vast range of careers in the creative and the communication industry. Sharp common sense, general knowledge, creative skills and most importantly the skill to express ideas and thoughts clearly is very important to earn a name in the highly competitive Film Industry. The mixture of creative and technical skills makes this place truly spectacular. Usage of latest digital and information technologies has revolutionized this field of studies.

Jobs, work experience, typical employers and skills for great career in Film Studies

The job profiles which are directly related to Film Study area encompass several activities which start from the pre production and end at the post production of  the film. There are many areas which are being daily explored in this field due to its vast creative and technical scope. Irrespective of that, the major areas where a film studies graduate or post graduate can venture into includes the following areas-

  • Broadcasting Engineer
  • Broadcasting presenter
  • Location Manager
  • Program researcher broadcasting/ film/ video
  • Television camera operator
  • Television/ film/ video producer
  • Television production coordinator
  • Advertising art director
  • Community arts worker
  • Marketing executive
  • Runner broadcasting/film/video

The careers which are available within the film fraternity are highly competitive and need determination to get success. Work experience is essential in this regard and it helps to decide the direction of the career. The career orientation in this regard can be theoretical or practical. The students should be aware of the fact that they need to complete unpaid work experience before gaining paid work. The students should explore possibility of work experience at the local media outlets and cinemas. Contacting independent filmmakers is also essential to see what projects you can get. The student should also approach the local television companies and independent production companies. Development of portfolio is also essential in this regard if somebody seriously wants to seriously pursue a career in the film world. The typical employers who hire students of film studies include the following-

  • Large broadcasting channels
  • Cinema industry
  • Independent production companies
  • Market research companies

The skills which are needed in a film study student for making this field a great career option comprise all kind of skills. These skills include cognitive skills, technical skills, humanitarian skills as well as managerial and administrative skills. To mention in details, the skills which make film studies a great career option for any category of students includes

  • Thinking analytically
  • Ability to conduct research
  • Info tech and communication instrument usage skills
  • Resourceful, creative and entrepreneurial spirit
  • Communication skills and ability to articulate thinks
  • Managerial quality of acute decision making and strategy formulation

Apart from all these qualities, basic common sense and sharp understanding of the socio economic environment is necessary to be proficient in the field of Film studies. Film study is undoubtedly a great career option for students of Mass communication and Media Sciences both in terms of salary and respect in society.


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