BBA best college in Kolkata makes pursuing the Business administration curriculum rewarding

Business Management is a very important part of the entire socio economic architecture of a nation and society. Advances in Science and Technology and innovations in pure and performing arts can be made commercially feasible and market friendly only through the active support of Business Management. Commerce, Trade, Industry, Engineering and Technology, Manufacturing, Media, Healthcare, Government, Defense  and Military all need the principles of Business Management to be properly executed in the Market and socio economic environment. List top BBA colleges in Kolkata try to give the students a concrete idea about how the principles of Business administration operate the entire technical as well as the creative world including the practice of commerce and trade. A student after completing his plus 2 in Science, Pure and Applied Arts, Commerce is many times very indecisive about what to study next for the growth of his or her career. There are several areas like Science, Humanities, Commerce, Fine arts, Engineering, Short term technical courses, Medicine, Professional Accountancy and even emerging areas like Information technology, Hospitality and Aviation. But amidst all these career paths a Bachelors degree in Business Administration is more fruitful than the other lot. This is because this is the only stream where students can learn real life values and skills for personality development and tools for applying managerial principles for better functioning in life and their career also. This very fact is missing amidst the degree holders in Science, Arts, Commerce or any other stream.

Why should a student pursue BBA COURSE for his future studies after completing his schooling?

The five major reasons for choosing a Bachelors degree course in Business Management just after completion of the schooling can be analyzed from the following characters. These traits include the following and are not strictly restricted to the areas mentioned below-

  • Market requirement centric curriculum which matches the need of the recruiters of varied organizations both in public and corporate sector
  • Exposure and experience is wide after doing a graduate degree in General or Business Management in all fields of organized work in society and economy
  • Huge career growth in the fields of administration and governance due to wide exposure to the tools of managing men, market, material, methods and machines through cognitive and analytical methodologies
  • Remuneration is high due to immense responsibility of management profile job roles in the socio economic infrastructure of an organization and from the point of view of fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship and developing skills of leadership and development in an organization and society
  • BBA is the best portal to pursue advanced degrees in all practical fields of Technology, Commerce, Economy, Industry, Society, Defense and even Government bodies through degrees in-


  • Masters of Business administration in Finance, Marketing, Human resource, Info systems, Operations and productions, supply chain and logistics, agriculture and rural management, Business analytics, Business and knowledge process outsourcing etc.
  • Post graduate diploma in Management dynamics and Personnel Management
  • Masters degree in Public Administration and Public systems Management
  • Post graduation in Business values and ethics, Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Masters in Applied economics, Applied Management, Business economics and International Management, Knowledge management, Talent and Skill management, Relationship management, Innovation management, Performance management, Change and disaster management
  • PHD in various fields of Business, Commerce, Trade, Industry, Management, Administration, Technology- Management amalgamations like Operations research, Industrial engineering, Technical and Engineering management , Total quality management and Business reengineering etc.
  • Specialized Business Management and administration degrees at postgraduate and above levels in ¬†Healthcare, Real estate, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Media and Journalism, Event Management, Hospitality Management, Infrastructure, Retail, Management research and development etc.


The above list is endlessly increasing day by day with more and more industry specific specializations.

All the top five reasons mentioned above clearly reflect the fact that in terms of practical exposure to market and job requirements, Bachelors in Business Administration is the best option to choose for students. On the other hand this is the course which has a fine mixture of both quantitative and qualitative areas of knowledge. To site an example a BBA students gets exposure to both the mathematical and cognitive aspect of organizational and Business Management.BBA best college in Kolkata through their industry relevant curriculum create Management professional who could apply their knowledge in not only shaping their career in the Job market. This curriculum helps the Management graduates in developing skills of entrepreneurship, leadership and development for them as well as the society at large.


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