Masters in Media: A well-designed syllabus course by leading Media & Management College in Kolkata.

The media and management course in all mass communication courses in Kolkata and journalism colleges in Kolkata is well designed in a scientific manner. The biggest university of West Bengal, MAKAUT (Maulana Abul Kalam University of Technology) has a syllabus that is meant for the job seekers, the career oriented and the industry oriented.  Above all this is very much required for today’s demographic dividend.  Fetching a certificate is today very much irrelevant for the new industrial landscape.

The scholars and the professional faculty which are drawn from the industry form one of the strong foundations of this syllabus. The leading media and management colleges today are creating an environment which is beyond the theory classes.  The network and projection of every individual helps one to build a self branding image.  Very few professionals are able to do it in a strategic way. But the training of self branding oneself in a channelized manner is difficult unless a well designed direction and a syllabus is given to the student.   This is like a manual or a compass that helps the student move in a meaningful direction through smart work. The others who miss this   progression and trend often deviate into a meaningless grind through work which either in the long run makes them unhappy or they keep having new ideas of moving into a different industry.

When it comes to Management the syllabus that is designed by the leading media and Management College and the mass communication courses in Kolkata, it is a very interesting scene. On one hand there is the tradition method of chalk and board, the syllabus and the basic that is grasped through regular classes and on the other hand there are seminars, workshops and interaction with industry leaders that builds a foundation for the student’s internships and job opportunities.   If not for the latest innovations like the social media revolution that intensity of this massive industry oriented dynamics would not have been visible. But without the most effective mediums like YouTube and Facebook the syllabus would have lost its connect with the new generation. Nowadays in the classes YouTube videos, films are shown and platforms like Facebook is used for class notes and discussions, all these are an addition to the classes.  In campuses like iLEAD in Kolkata, the very essence of modernity is captured in the intellectually stimulating infrastructure and the state of the art facilities helps the student work and study in an exciting environment. The additional mandates like  attending soft skill classes and taking up one foreign language  gives an extra professional edge to the students to lead the market in a sphere where everyone is busy figuring out which way to go and what courses to take.  The strategic and upgraded nurturing of the students through activities, projects and workshops helps the student become well versed with the industry standards and become self aware. The iLEAD alumni always testify that the well designed syllabus and the practices helped them reach their success today.


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About Samrat: An editor for various publications and a faculty of Media Science at iLEAD, Samrat after a decade of dating and impressing the world of media can often be seen on Sundays at various Kolkata cafes with a guitar, diary and microphone. Literature, jazz music and thunderstorms helps him write poetry, reports and movie scripts which gets him compliments, published articles and awards from various countries at his doorstep when he least expects them. He has a knack for emceeing, teach and sometimes sing on stage and also completed courses in Photography and French (DELF A1) with distinction. His interests include AI, Philanthropy, Recycling and currently he is working as a teacher of Digital Media, Blogger and Content Writer at iLEAD.

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