Job role decisions and their vitality in choosing BBA as the path of study

BBA has emerged as one of the bright career options for the youth of today. Job crisis in the major departments of knowledge has made Management the destination for all quality job seekers. One important issue in this regard is the fact that an individual has to decide the job role before choosing BBA as the possible career option. BBA colleges Kolkata is the ideal platform which prepares the students for all kind of Managerial job role and even some job roles which aid the technological systems. There was an era where the BBA specializations were restricted to only Finance, Marketing, Human Resources and System . Today the scenario is focused on Industry specific BBA specializations like Banking, Insurance, Non banking financial services, Rural and agriculture management, Market research and analytics, Infrastructure management, Real estate, construction and property management and many moreĀ  such areas. The job roles in all these fields are multidisciplinary and a Management graduate has to handle all kinds of organizational resources such as Men , Money, Material, Methods and Machines.

How to decide the job role before choosing BBA as the path of study?

The decision of job role by a student who has passed out his high school domain involves his attitude and personality towards the field. The perfect blend of qualitative and quantitative skills is the most important characteristic trait which is required to be successful in the BBA domain. The students who have an aptitude towards numbers, calculation and statistical analysis and also data interpretation can take up Finance as a probable career option. The individual having aptitude towards communication, market research, sales, consumer behavior can take up Marketing as a probable career option. The student having aptitude towards basic management dynamics can choose human resource management as the possible career option. Apart from these fields, the individual having aptitude towards computer and also managerial application of information technology can chose Systems as a career option. The attributes which are required to decide job role before choosing the path of study includes-

  • Understanding of the nature of the work in the particular field chosen
  • Congruence with the attitude required in the particular path of study
  • Keeping thyself informed about the nature and scope of the job role to be pursued
  • Taking advice from the seniors and the people who are teaching BBA in various core and specialization subjects
  • Understanding the attributes which are required for matching the standards and the competitiveness of the current industry standards
  • An understanding of the projection of the field taken for study in the perspective of gaining a top and respectable position in the corporate management.

Top colleges for BBA in Kolkata gives students the proper identification of the fact that Business administration is an application oriented field. This helps the students to decide the proper job role before choosing the path of study.


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