BSc. in Media Science at iLEAD develops creative persona absent in other Journalism and Mass communication institutes

iLEAD is one of those new generation Media institutes which offers holistic education in all the areas of Media Sciences. The institute focuses on global standard education through practical and industry centric exposure. The faculties of these institutes give students assignment and projects which helps them to understand the complex concept of Media and Journalism in an easy format. Case study method of learning and simulation activities helps the students apply their theoretical knowledge of Journalism and Mass Communication in practical situations. BSc. Kolkata curriculum in Media Sciences helps students coming from diverse fields inducted into the world of communication and entertainment. The students in the institute are given an overall view of all the streams of the Communication and the Media industry. The foundation of the students in this institute is built with theoretical modules. The theoretical modules are focused on models of communication, media laws and ethical practices surrounding the Media. The institute is focused on making the theoretical concept applied with real life practices.

Why should a Media Science aspirant choose iLEAD as an institute for pursuing their graduate degree program?

Media Science is one of the most challenging and vibrant disciplines amidst the other social sciences. Media shares relationship with all sorts of disciplines which deal with social and human behavior. iLEAD is undoubtedly the best place for pursuing a bachelors degree in Media Science which has a socio technical angle involved inside it. The attributes which make this institute different from other educational platforms include-

  • The theoretical aspects of Media Sciences which involve areas like Public relations, Media Management, Print and Publishing industry, Electronic and Digital media management, Critical analysis of current affairs, Advertising, Press and Media Laws etc. are reinforcedĀ  with quality industry exposure. The industry exposure in this regard includes field visits and internships.
  • The final semester of the BSc. Media Science curriculum gives students the opportunity to select their area of specialization from a wide range of choices. The specializations in this regard include industry relevant areas of Print, Video ,TV and Radio Media, Advertising and Public relations, Design, Animation, Page Make up, Photography etc.
  • The institute also offers additional courses and diploma programs in the areas of- Soft and life skills, Personality development, Foreign language course, Field trips, Internships and Live projects. The students also gain immense knowledge about the relevance of Media in society and economy through involvement in extracurricular activities.
  • iLEAD is rated as the 4th best Media school in India according to the prestigious KPMG survey
  • Earning opportunity while learning the concepts and classical principles of Media from the context of Social sciences and
  • Global connectivity through internship and placements in top notch organization who are having a strong global experience
  • Industry experience and corporate exposure is not only involved with making the industry captain give lectures to the students. Interactive activities help the students to understand the practical things happening in the various functional sectors of the economy.


Top BSc. colleges in Kolkata teaching Media Science at graduate level like iLEAD create Media entrepreneurs and professionals who inculcate awareness in society on issues which are related to the development of society, economy and most importantly the daily life of human beings.


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