IMAT: An entrance exam you should take to learn Media & Management from this reputed Institute

There are hundreds of students applying to study in the best colleges and institutions but there is a certain filtering process in every great university or college when it comes to admissions.  Enrolling the student without understanding the basic GK and IQ levels is like employing a professional without an interview or background check. In the long run, the lack of this basic quality checks often leads to situations where neither the student nor the institute has trust for each other and it looks like a financial transaction for a degree.  This is not an ideal situation for any academic sphere.  Therefore in all circumstances a basic understanding and interview process of the student is very much required. Think about competitive exams, why is that necessary? Similarly, the process of entrance exams should be mandatory for elite institutions.

iMAT, iLEAD aptitude test, held at iLEAD Kolkata campus is the official examination to secure your seat at iLEAD. Examination date is informed to the students via call/mail once you filled up the application form. iMAT is a one-hour test. This paper will comprise of multiple choice questions (MCQ) divided in four sections; English, General Knowledge & Current Affairs, Logical Reasoning, Mathematics/Media for BBA, BMS & M.Sc respectively. It will be online (through Skype) for our outstation and international students. Great B.Sc colleges in Kolkata and Mass Communication colleges in Kolkata have exams and criteria similar to iMAT which helps to discern the eligible candidates for concerned courses.


It is a 100 marks paper with no negative marking in case of wrong answer or questions not attempted. Aptitude test will be followed by Group Discussion & Personal Interview conducted on the same day. Appearing in all rounds is compulsory.

The round of English is important as it is the most vital international language for communication in business/professions/education all over the world, General Knowledge and Current Affairs is required for basic understanding of the world, Logical Reasoning helps to deduce the critical thinking abilities of the student, mathematics and media knowledge is required. Among many B.Sc colleges in Kolkata and Mass Communication colleges in Kolkata the iMAT exam of iLEAD is well known among the student community.

Securing a seat through passing an exam is one of the basic criteria of any great institution apart from the merit and other factors which are taken into consideration. Selection of students also helps the institute/ college to teach and proceed through its curriculum in an efficient manner. This in turn helps the student to absorb the activities, the first hand learning and become industry oriented.

On lighter and exciting note candidates appearing for iMAT will also receive a gift voucher worth Rs.500 from iLEAD Book Store.


About Samrat:


An editor for various publications and a faculty of Media Science at iLEAD, Samrat after a decade of dating and impressing the world of media can often be seen on Sundays at various Kolkata cafes with a guitar, diary and microphone. Literature, jazz music and thunderstorms helps him write poetry, reports and movie scripts which gets him compliments, published articles and awards from various countries at his doorstep when he least expects them. He has a knack for emceeing, teach and sometimes sing on stage and also completed courses in Photography and French (DELF A1) with distinction. His interests include AI, Philanthropy, Recycling and currently he is working as a teacher of Digital Media, Blogger and Content Writer at iLEAD.

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