Top class Media Institutes generate great careers and give real value of money

Media is undoubtedly the most happening thing in the domain of modern social sciences. This is a highly practical field which has applied the various principles of social sciences and technology to eradicate the problems of human beings in the socio economic framework. Media education both at the graduate and post graduate levels is undoubtedly very costly. The top class institutes charge a big amount of money for bagging a degree in Media Sciences. The question in this regard arises that whether the Media colleges give back the real value of money invested on them by the students and their parents. The answer in this regard is yes for top grade Media institutes with world class infrastructure and excellent facility of workshops, internships and placements. Mass communication course in Kolkata ensures the fact the money invested by the student community for fetching quality education doesn’t go in vain. A perfect blend of current theory and industry centric practice gives real value of money invested on Media and Journalism education.

How can a student judge the real value of his money invested in Media education?

A student investing in the highly challenging area of Media education can judge the real value of money through examining the following attributes-

  • Infrastructure of the Media institute which includes the facilities provided by the college in terms of providing comprehensive Media education
  • The quality of the faculties teaching the varied areas of Media sciences
  • The teaching methodology followed in the institute regarding creating the foundation and the advanced base of the subject in the mind
  • The corporate internships and placements provided by the institute and the pay package received by the students with the media companies
  • Workshops, Seminars and other events organized by the institute to make the students aware of the industry centric practices in the domain of Media Sciences
  • Rating of the institute by the various major educational assessment platforms
  • Facility of additional professional programs in soft skills, film making, photography, web and graphic designing, public speaking, creative writing, entrepreneurship and leadership programs in Media, multimedia, foreign language training and personality development programs along with the regular degree programs of Media
  • Library resources and the audio visual resources of the institute for catering holistic education in the field of Journalism, Mass communication and the overall field of Media Sciences
  • Creating strong foundation through  practical insights and demonstrating the subtle nuances ,techniques involved in the subject

The student should also keep track of the fact that the institute in which he or she is investing money is affiliated with the top grade universities and educational forums. For example whether it is accredited and approved by bodies like UGC NAAC and AICTE. Top BSc. colleges in Kolkata offer comprehensive exposure of the Media Science field and make the students prepared for industry centric working profiles.


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